Thursday, May 17, 2018


20-year old Craigory Burch Jr was a forklift operator in a small town called Fitzgerald, in southern Georgia, USA.

One moment he was going about his normal life and the next, he was a Fantasy 5 jackpot winner.

On January 21st 2016, three men shot open the door to his home and demanded money. His girlfriend said that he was holding his two year old daughter3

Find out the story behind this Lotto Murder.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2018


The Mysterious Jackpot Winner

Saturday, 6 January 2018, saw one lucky person scooping up a $559.7 million Powerball Jackpot. Sites all over the internet posted about the winning ticket, but all was speculation, the only fact – that the ticket had been bought at Reeds Ferry Market in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

By the end of January, still, no one had come forward to claim the prize. Surprising, considering it’s the sixth-largest jackpot win in Powerball history.

Read more here about this Mysterious Jackpot winner.

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Thursday, May 03, 2018


We will be writing about Mickey Carol, the self styled "King of Chavs" or more appropriately, the lotto lout, for years to come. His story is mind boggling and too good not to write about.

Ten years ago he won £9.7 million and notoriously spent it all on drugs, booze, prostitutes and banger racing and gave away £4 million of his winnings to friends and family.

Read the whole story about Mickey Carol, the lotto lout.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Lottery Link To British Museum

You have most probably heard of the very famous British Museum and you may or may not know a bit about it, but did you know that this museum was made possible because of the lottery?

It all started with Sir Hans Sloane, a physician and scientist, who collected an impressive 71 000 enviable objects throughout his lifetime of adventures and travelling.

Read about the lottery link to the British Museum

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

When the win is simply too good to be true...

Your odds of winning the Lotto are less than one in a million (sometimes, substantially less than that!). Yet you still buy the lottery ticket. Because if you win, your life will be transformed. You can pay off the house, get rid of debts, secure your children's' education and look after your aging parents. Goodbye, stress and strife!

The question is, what would you do if you bought the winning lottery ticket? Who would you tell? What would your victory dance look like? What would you do with your winnings?

One recent Lotto Powerball jackpot winner (who has remained anonymous) was so surprised when he realised that he was holding the winning ticket, he kept quiet about it for over a week!

So who was this lucky chap? He worked as a public servant in Limpopo, South Africa. He'd been buying the R20 lottery ticket every week, for 16 years. And every week, his wife told him he was crazy. She believed the lottery was a waste of money, since the odds are stacked so high against the ticket holder. And he almost started believing her!

But when he saw that the jackpot had swelled to an astounding R87 million, he knew he had to try his luck. He asked his wife to help him pick out numbers, but she refused. He stopped in at the Global Filling Station in Mokopane to buy a lottery ticket. A mere fifteen minutes before the cut off, he handed over R20, and took a lottery ticket.

It looked like any other lottery ticket. It felt like any other lottery ticket.

But when the winning numbers were announced, he knew that this ticket was his one-in-a-million dream come true. Because with it, he'd won a whopping R87 million. This is the fourth highest cash prize in the history of the South African lottery!

He almost didn't believe it. In fact, he was so shocked, he kept his win a secret - for over a week! Finally, he broke the news to his wife, who also couldn't believe his luck. She broke out in a gospel hymn!

Finally, the winner took the winning ticket to the offices of the Ithuba National Lottery, to lay claim to his life-altering prize. He admitted it was all so surreal, it had taken him a few days to get used to the idea.

Interestingly, this winner had modest plans for his millions. He said he wanted to make charitable donations and then invest his cash wisely. He had no intentions of quitting his job, or going on wild shopping sprees.

We can't help but wonder, how he's doing, and whether he stuck to this plan!

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Seven jackpot losers that taught us how NOT to spend our jackpot winnings

Everybody dreams about winning the lottery! But can you imagine losing all your winnings?

Expert financial advisors will tell you that winning a huge lump sum can be overwhelming and depressing if you are not well equipped to manage the money correctly. Many winners have lost their fortunes through lavish spending on everything from luxury handbags and shoes to cars, wild parties and new drug habits.

It's so important to invest your winnings wisely so that they can serve you well.
Take a look at these seven big winners, who (infamously) lost it all.

Billie Bob Harrell Jr.
Billie Bob was working at Home Depot, in the USA, when he won the Texas Lottery Lotto jackpot and bagged about US$31 million. He promptly quit his job and splurged on homes, church donations and gifts for friends and family. But he depleted his winnings so fast, that a few months after his winnings he was broke. Sadly, he took his own life.

Michael Carroll
The Englishman was just 19 years old (working as a waste collector) when he won the UK National Lottery in 2002 - a sum of over £9.7 million! But today, just over a decade later, Carroll is working in a cookie factory, earning minimum wage because he lost his fortunes. He spent it all on homes, jewellery, cars and parties! Plus, he had a long list of criminal offences to his name.

Evelyn Adams
Adams won the New Jersey Lottery not once, but twice in 1985 and 1986. She raked in winnings of over US$5.4 million in total. But her compulsive gambling habit (and the cash gifts she made to family and friends) emptied her bank account. By 2001, Adams' was broke and living in a trailer.

Barry Shell
In 2009, Shell won $4 million in Canada's Ontario lottery. He literally used his last dollars to buy the lottery ticket! But at the time, police had a warrant for arrest out on Shell; he was wanted on charges of theft and possession of stolen property. And when police saw a photo of him accepting his prize, they located him and arrested him. Shell gave his winnings to a relative, before going to jail.

Abraham Shakespeare
Shakespeare was a working-class American man when he won US$17 million in the 2006 jackpot. He befriended DeeDee Moore, who pretended to have an interest in Shakespeare's wellbeing. She told him she would help him protect his winnings since friends and family had lined up for handouts. She convinced Shakespeare to transfer the money to her account, before killing him.

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Sharon Tirabassi
Tirabassi was a single mum, living off welfare checks when she won $10 million in the Ontario Lottery. She spent the money on designer clothes, wild parties, travel, handouts to family, mansions and flashy cars. It wasn't long before she had depleted the cash, and was forced to return to part-time work and living in a rented house. At least she had the good sense to put some of the cash into a trust for her children!

Vivian Nicholson
Nicholson won £152 00 back in 1961 and declared she would "spend, spend, spend!". She did exactly that, blowing her winnings on cars, high fashion and holidays abroad. And by the early 19702, she was broke. She ended up living on a measly pension and was looking for jobs.

You don't have to be the winner who loses, so spectacularly! Make sure you consult a financial advisor and a lawyer if you win big so that you can manage your winnings smartly.

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