Friday, September 16, 2016

Man wins Lottery Twice in 7 years

For some people winning the lotto is once in a lifetime dream. For others it is almost unimaginable to even win, but not for this man. It might be his lucky stars or just simply his determination to beat the massive odds. However one thing is for sure, this South African man from Limpopo has become very rich at only 34 years old after winning the lotto twice in 7 years.

It started in 2002, when the anonymous player won his first prize in the South African National Lottery, walking away R11 Million richer.  Instead of settling for only the one victory another lottery ticket purchased in 2009 saw him win again. Beating the odds of 14 million to one, he won his second lottery prize of R30 Million and became the first man in South African history to achieve something this spectacular. 

According to the Spokesperson for South African Lottery Thembi Tulwana “he is just a lucky bloke”. 

Despite the two lottery wins and an enormous temptation to spend his funds unwisely, this man seems to know where to invest his winnings. This lucky winner said that he will be investing most of his money into his four children's' future and his businesses, which are mostly in property development.  

Tulwana mentioned that this lucky winner was extremely calm and collected when he came to claim his winnings. While insisting on driving himself to collect his prize, he left an impression of a “man who has money”.

Spending only R100 a month on lotto ticket, with his two massive lotto winnings under his belt, we can be sure that he and his four children have rather bright future ahead. 

The 'most lottery wins' record belongs to a man from Idaho (USA), who won the lottery three times.  

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Biggest wins of the South African National Lottery

While reading up on some of the largest lottery wins it seems that the best way to deal with a BIG WIN is to keep quiet and not tell anyone about it! Not even your family, as this mother of two and the single biggest lottery winner in South Africa has done.

This mother chose to remain anonymous a a after winning a jackpot of  R91 million in 2010 and decided not tell her children. She decided to keep working and living life as normal and to spend her winnings wisely. Keeping her head in this way will ensure that they do not get hounded by fortune hunters or long lost family who all of a sudden come crawling out of the woodwork as in so many cases that she had heard about.

Coincidentally the second biggest winner in South Africa, who's numbers also came up in 2010, was a 29 year old gentleman from the Western Cape who won R69 million. Upon discovering this turn of good fortune he immediately phoned his wife. Luckily he too seems to have kept his head and planned on donating some of his winnings to charity and investing the rest in a small business.

A third winner who hasn’t won large jackpots as the previous two winners he has however won the lotto twice!!
An anonymous gentleman from Limpopo beat the odds and won R11 million in 2002, and though some would be happy with that and live a full and lavish life style this lucky gentleman kept playing and 7 years later he won another R30 million
Choosing to remain anonymous, independent and in complete control, the man opted to drive himself to the Gidani (who at that time was the operator of the National Lottery) offices in Midrand to claim his prize.

Unfortunately not all lottery winners make wise decisions, as is the case with Mr. Batsirayi Mupfawi who worked for 15 years as a chauffeur for the manager of the golfer Ernie Els. He won R14 million in 2000. Although Mr Mupfawi owns his own trucking company he has had to sell some of his property to cover the debts he has run up over the years and his phone and security services have been suspended due to lack of payment. Read his full story here.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Australia’s biggest Winners and Losers

In November 2012 Australia had their biggest Lottery winning. A phenomenal AUD $111 972 151.04 was split between four lucky tickets.

The jackpot winnings were split equally into AUD $27 993 037.76 for each ticket, the recipients of which were spread far and wide over Australia.

Two of the very lucky ticket winners were from Victoria and they were informed of their winnings by phone. One ticket was a  mother of three, who was so shocked by the good news that she made operator promise to call her back in case she accidentally hung up the phone! The second ticket was purchased by a central syndicate of 80 members, with each syndicate member entitled to a division share of AUD $349,913.00.

The third winning ticket was from New South Wales and was purchased by a by a dad from a NSW Lottery outlet during the family’s recent holiday to the coast.

The last lucky ticket was purchased in Queensland.

A little over a year later in December of 2013, the "Largest Lottery Win" ever by a single ticket was set, when a ticket purchased by a group of friends on the Gold Coast won AUD $70 Million in Oz Lotto
The women met regularly for lunch and used the money left over after paying their bill to buy a shared lottery ticket. The group of ladies have made the wise decision to remain anonymous.


But as with life's ups and downs not all lottery winner stories have happy endings and probably the unluckiest winner of all is one Mr. Robert Clemett from New South Wales. Mr Clemett is said to have realised that he had bought a winning ticket when he saw a television program about unclaimed lottery prizes almost four years after the Oz Lotto draw on 23 September 1997.

Mr Clemett tried to claim the outstanding sum of AUD $3,348,326.14, which remains the single largest unclaimed prize in the Oz Lotto. Unfortunately he was one of approximately 50 people who contacted NSW Lotteries for the purpose of making a claim or inquiry in respect of the unclaimed prize following the broadcast. He is the only claimant who has taken his claim as far as to pursue legal action in the NSW Supreme Court.

NSW Lotteries maintains that in the absence of a ticket, they have no legal obligation to pay over the winning sum. As a result Mr Clemett's case was dismissed and he was ordered to pay NSW Lotteries’ legal fees. 


The moral of the story here is that if you have purchased a lottery ticket, do yourself a favour and check your ticket after the draw!! Who knows, your bank account might expand by a few extra zeros!

Click here to find out more about the Australian Lottery's.


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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Not All Sunshine and Roses when winning the Lottery…

Most of us have this wistful back up plan of what we will do when we win the lottery!

But what if it isn’t all sunshine and roses when you win the lotto, impossible as it may seem.

The sad truth is that within 7 years 70% of lottery winners’ end up worse off than what they were before their lucky numbers came in. This is what happens when the running costs of those massive houses and the fleet of flashy cars start eating through your last savings! Some of the rags to riches winners have even ended up on the wrong side of the law. Below you will find some examples…


In 1998, William "Bud" Post III won $16.2 million in the Pennsylvania lottery.

A mere two weeks after Mr Post collected the first of his 26 annual payments of $497,953.47, he spent more than $300,000 on gifts and investments such as a liquor license, a lease for a restaurant in Florida, a used-car lot and a twin-engine airplane (despite lacking a pilot's license).

After just three months his debts totaled $500,000! The next year, he bought a mansion.
In summary Mr Post lost most of his money in small business ventures.

To add insult to injury his own brother took a ‘hit’ out on him hoping to inherit some of his winnings. This brother was caught and convicted for his actions. Mr Post’s ex-wife managed to sue him and was awarded some of his winnings.

Just when we thought it could not get any worse for Mr Post, he too spent time in jail for firing a gun over the head of a bill collector.

In 2006 Mr Post declared bankruptcy and at the age of, 66, died of respiratory failure at a Pittsburgh area hospital.


Another winner was Victoria Zell, who won an $11 million Powerball jackpot with her husband in 2001. Her husband and her decided to split the winnings and go their separate ways.

Victoria however ended up in Minnesota prison after being convicted of a drug-and-alcohol-induced vehicle collision. 
The crash killed one of her passengers and paralysed the other, her car had been travelling above 59mph when it ran two stop signs and hit a pick-up truck, spun and crashed into a tree. 

The woman who was paralysed sued Victoria for $2.7 million, saying it had ruined her life as she was unable to even hold her baby.


The moral of the story is be careful for what you wish for and remember that it is a wise idea to invest in some genuine financial planning advice when you win the BIG ONE!

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