Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lotto News

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Welcome to the first edition of lottery news.

Today I want to encourage our users to embrace the use of our blogging service as a way to keep in touch with whats going on in the lottery world. I personally hate spam and unsolicited mail and so we are hoping that our users will unsubscribe from our mailing lists and subscribe to our blog as a way to keep in touch. Of course we will not stop our mailing lists as I am sure there are some die hard people out there not willing to try out new technology.

I have done a little research into using RSS feeds and find that its a better and simpler way to communicate. It also gives me the opportunity to freely write in the knowledge that those who actually want to hear from us are in fact reading our news as apposed to pushing unwanted mail.

To get started you are going to need an RSS agregator, a bit of software that can read RSS. If you have a MyYahoo or My MSN account you can do this online, just click on the chicklets in the right menu. I personally use a free programme that sits on my desktop called: KlipFolio ( Download it - do the tutorial and start grabbing RSS feeds.

So this weeks lottery announcements go as follows:

1. Euro millions: Users wanting to take part in the Euro Lotto should try and get their tickets early for a change... every Friday there is a sudden rush and flood and panic as customers realise that they only have 5 minutes to make their orders and of course it can only lead to disappointment. I would like to encourage our users to at least give themselves a few days to get ahead of the pack.

2. Blog Servcie: This page is the new Lotto News blog service. You can use an RSS aggregator to grab our latest news and keep up to speed with whats going on in our world as well as post comments, suggestions and feedback at your leisure. (you are more than welcome to correct my spelling mistakes as well!!).

In addition the various sites will include our feeds and all you have to do is click the RSS short at the top of your browser to grab the feed and be plugged in.

Here are your first two RSS feeds to grab:

1. (this lotto news blog)

Cut and paste the URLS into your RSS Aggregator.

Thats the news for this week enjoy playing the lottery!

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- Team lotto
play euro millions

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