Friday, December 07, 2007

19 Million Euro Lotto pounds!

Play Euromillions for 19 million pounds!

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Good luck for the draw!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lotto New Zealand

A lotto commercial from New Zealand:

Monday, July 02, 2007

Loto Loto - Very funny!

This is very funny...

Norway Lottery Commercial

This put a smile on my face - and I must admit did not end the way I expected it to end!

Lotto machine breaks down on live television!

I thought this quite funny - seems the lottery machine spat all the balls out - if anyone can translate - that would be great!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Mike Epsteen - Sings about lotto numbers...

Hey Mike - you and the rest of the world... sing my numbers man!

Lotto Prank

Another sucker is pranked with the lotto joke!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

South African Lotto - Suspended?

It seems to be a quiet day in the lottery world.

I am afraid this week I will not be dreaming about winning a FAT jackpot and buying a Small African Country with the spare change. Not even Zimbabwe will go for a lousy 10 million pounds or the first prize of the Euro millions game.

I must admit however that it may be a quiet week for international lotteries but have you heard the gossip about the South African Game? It has been suspended!

This follows a High Court ruling early in March that the process taken by the National Lottery Board to award the new license to the Gidani Consortium was procedurally incorrect.

Here is the full article:
Judge Willie Seriti of the Pretoria High Court ruled that the board had failed to investigate the shareholdings in Gidani, the first preferred bidder, and the second bidder Uthingo - the then license holder.

Gidani allegedly has shareholders who are political office bearers while a company that has a stake in Uthingo is also alleged to have a shareholder who is also a political office bearer.

In terms of the Lotteries Act such individuals are precluded from having a stake in the lottery.

Briefing the media hours ahead of the expiry of the license held by Uthingo, Mr Mpahlwa said on receipt of the judgment, he commissioned further investigations by the board in line with the court's requirements.

However, the amount of work involved made it difficult for the board to complete the process in time to meet the 31 March deadline.

"The sheer volume of work that had to be undertaken made it impossible to conclude this work in time for me to make a new decision before the expiry of the current license," Mr Mpahlwa said.

He told reporters that the process of awarding the new license would be concluded within one month period followed by the announcement of the successful bidder.
He added that there was no legal basis to extend the license held by Uthingo "under the present circumstances."

In the meantime, he said, there were efforts to try and minimise the period where there would be no lottery running.

"We have started consultations with all the bidders to explore options in the law (Lotteries Act) to see if the lottery could run without a licensed operator.
"If we are successful in exploring these options, it could be a matter of days before the lottery resumes but if we fail we will have to wait for the a month for the warding of the license," he said.

He added that the consultations were being held with all the four bidders who have reaffirmed their interest in contesting for the license. The other two bidders are Igwija Gaming and Nikan'Abantu.

The minister also said that contributions made via lottery funding to deserving causes would continue because "there are adequate reserves available for the next twelve months."

All who won prizes during the course of March would also be paid, he said.
While there concerns that revenue would be lost at retail level for the period when there would be no lottery, Mr Mpahlwa said that shouldn't be a problem as any contracts that would have been entered in to by Uthingo and the stores would have been valid until 31 March.

Well for those who are suffering from lotto withdrawl symptoms, have a spin at the Euro Millions game, its only 10 million pounds or around R140 South African Rhond!

Friday, March 30, 2007

UK National Lottery Scam

Here is a scam played on the UK National lottery -

Powerball Lottery Prank!

This is sooo mean. kids dont do this at home.

Synopsys - some "friends" get together and record the powerball lottery. The next day they buy a ticket matching the winning ticket and swap it with their friends ticket. then sit back to play the lotto results and record their friends reaction.

This is just toooo cruel!
today I thought I would search for some cool videos on the lottery... is one about a guy from Georgia who won 80 million dollars. He is a truck driver and still lives with his mom. The comedian in this clip suggests he buys a younger hotter mom...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Online lottery news

No news although I am up late and thought I would ramble on about the lottery while I work on a few things.

In the news a month or so back when i was in london was the annoucement that cammelot wish to have a massive world lotto game with huge jackpots amounting to millions and millions of dollars... sounds fun to me... although I think they may have missed the preverbial boat!

thats it from me!