Friday, March 30, 2007

UK National Lottery Scam

Here is a scam played on the UK National lottery -

Powerball Lottery Prank!

This is sooo mean. kids dont do this at home.

Synopsys - some "friends" get together and record the powerball lottery. The next day they buy a ticket matching the winning ticket and swap it with their friends ticket. then sit back to play the lotto results and record their friends reaction.

This is just toooo cruel!
today I thought I would search for some cool videos on the lottery... is one about a guy from Georgia who won 80 million dollars. He is a truck driver and still lives with his mom. The comedian in this clip suggests he buys a younger hotter mom...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Online lottery news

No news although I am up late and thought I would ramble on about the lottery while I work on a few things.

In the news a month or so back when i was in london was the annoucement that cammelot wish to have a massive world lotto game with huge jackpots amounting to millions and millions of dollars... sounds fun to me... although I think they may have missed the preverbial boat!

thats it from me!