Friday, July 20, 2012

Euro millions Results

Euromillions Results

Where to get the latest Euromillions results

If you are looking for the latest Euromillions results or the Euromillions Draw Numbers  then you can use this simple results checker for the latest results courtesy of The Lottery Network Whats nice about this Euromillions results gadget is that you can add it to your own website. You can also tweal the colours so that it fits into your websites theme.

The Lottery Network also provides a simpler gadget that you can also paste to your website for your Euro Results:

Latest Euromillions Results

Euromillions results checker

For those of you who have a ticket and wish to check to see if you have won a prize, you can use Camelot's Euromillions results checker.

Euromillions results from different jurisdictions:

UK Euromillions results:

Should you be looking for UK specific results then I would advise visiting the UK National Lottery website.

Irish Euromillions results:

If you are Irish and would like to know the results and winning combinations for the local draw best you get your Irish results from the official Irish Lottery Website.

What is nice about playing the Irish Euromillions is that you have an option to enter the

Play Plus when you play EuroMillions for the opportunity of having your first five main numbers (but not your Lucky Star numbers) entered into an extra special draw for a chance to win up to €500,000. The cost to play Plus is €1 per panel and the minimum play is just one panel.

I think that's pretty cool.

Belgium Euromillions results:

I really do not like the Belgium Euromillions website. It is a nasty thing that seems to have been written by someone's dog. Feel free to visit it here: Belgium Euromillions website.

Portugal Euromillions results:

The Portugal Euromillions site is a lot better than it was 10 years ago however I still do not like the Euromillions forms that they use for customers to pick the ticket numbers with. This is something we did in 1999 for our own sites and it was crap then and to be honest, it is still crap today.

Spanish Euromillions Results:

You have got to bless the Spanish for trying and yes their official site's ssl certificate is not working. how is that possible? Anyway, I am sure it will be working now when you read this but amusing to say the least since when our own sites SSL certs need to be changed we do it month sin advance.
Spanish Euromillions Results for the hard loving lotto players out there!

Swiss Euromillions Results:

Swiss Euromillions results are easy to find... just hard to read the site, if you are English that is. I like the swiss, their banking is great and I am sure any winners from that part of the world will buy lots of yummy Swiss Cheese and spend their Swiss Francs with great gusto!

German Euromillions Results:

Ze German Euromillions Results are neatly nested between all sorts of other games. The site in my opinion is typical of Germany. It has been built with precision that I admire. And the order and listing of the casino and bingo games is admirable.

Luxembourg Euromillions Results:

I dont really like the Luxembourg site, although the Euromillions Results are easy to find. I think they could learn from the Germans!

French Euromillions Results:

I am not sure what the French were smoking when they built their Euromillions website, it is horrible.

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