Thursday, July 19, 2012

Euromillions €100 Million Euro Jackpot prize!

Big bold text... for the EUROMILLIONS DRAW this Friday.

How would you like to get your hands on €100 Million Euromillion big ones to buy a fleet of ships to move cargo back and forth, just because you can. Or to buy a martini factory in Israel and to sell the 'tinies to some other place on the other side of the planet using you newly acquired shipping mogul empire to  transport said 'tinies in true style?

But with a decent Euromillions win, I mean how else would you get your hands on that sort of cash? Unless of course you own a bank and print it, or work for a bank and that's your bonus for selling unsecured loans to people who really can not afford it and aught to know better than to take one (unless of course said banker with big bonus sold it to them so that they could re-mortgage their hovel with the intention of buying a patio furniture for thir 12 story flat).

Okay, lets not get carried away. Firstly here is the widget with the big number on it:

I know its a pretty cool Euromillions results and jackpot widget, huh?

Big bucks this business of buying and winning the Euro Lottery... but I read over here some really interesting euromillions stuff  and I just can't help but wonder if it is possible for me to win a prize or if honesty be told it would be more nutritious to eat the ticket...

Have a great lotto fun day! And enjoy the ride... I am going to see if I can find a ship to transport 'tinies (not my willy) to... and to get drunk tonight.

Found this really interesting quote on Martinies from this guys website: Martini Nicknames (thanks Lowell) when you figure out I have written about you how about adding a link to me here... and have a drink on me too...
n August 1999, Brian Rea told me of a Cold War acronym-nickname for the Martini that had somehow escaped me: "ICBM," standing for "Ice Cold Beefeater Martini," with implicit comparison to "Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile."  Like "Silver Bullet," the nickname points to the lethal quality of the drink.
 Ahh like the Euromillions draw... a lethal amount of drink will be drunk on winning the combination!

Good night from me!

And if you really do find yourself wanting a go at all those millions of Euros... play the blasted thing on a proper site: Play Euromillions Online

Otherwise, who knows... you may "win" but not really win... if you get my drift!

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