Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stealing lottery stuff from the web

I am a little bored and to be honest there is no decent lotto news on the "inter web" and yes I have the task to write about this dreary industry (lets just say the odds are against me having any amount of fun). Anyway... Today I thought I would STEAL! STEAL! STEAL!

First up... some Lottery Ticket Stock Photos, pilfered from: Lottery Ticket Stock Photos

Now. me thinks this chap:

  1. Has just got the paternity test results of his triplets on the day they graduated from Med school...
  2.  Is looking at a picture of the kidney stone he has to pass
  3. Sadly discovered that the numbers on his Euromillions lottery ticket are all just 1 number off the winning number set).
I know... really really bored...

Now this young lady is wondering if the paper will be more nutritious than the numbers on it... and yes I stole it from the same site as before...

Now this lovely acquisition comes from (in my humble opinion) the best dammed lottery site on the internet... Its called lotterynetwork and they provide a genuine solution for players like you and me although you play the lottery and I am just a player (ahem) anyway... yes, go-vist them: lottery network

I just love the smilling lotto ball...

Okay the wife is calling, something about the dog eating the trash bad I was supposed to take out last week... really!?

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