Saturday, July 21, 2012

What are the EuroMillions numbers

What are the Euromillions numbers?

Most readers just want to know what the winning numbers are for Friday the 20th 2012, Euromillions €100 Million Euro draw! Well so do I...

So lets put you out of your misery, they are: 10-19-23-45-49 Lucky Stars: 09-10
You can see the latest prize breakdown on our euromillions results page here: What are the EruoMillions Numbers

If you want, you can even grab the code from the EuroMillions results gadget and paste it to your website at no charge...

And as an afterthought, I am putting the results gadget on this page as well since it is likely that you may be too lazy to click to the actual page. It is just a little iFrame code that pulls the results from our site (nothing fancy):


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