Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where to buy tickets for the Euromillions draw?

I often chuckle when I hear the question, Where should I buy tickets for the Euromillions draw... I chuckle because this is typically asked by people who do not live in a Euromillions jurisdiction and would love to get their hands on one of those "lucky tickets".

While it is not much dissimilar to winning one of Willy Wonka's chocolate bars and the winner will certainly enjoy a ride most befitting of a Johnny Depp tribute chocolate factory tour. However, there is a catch because some of those chocolates may not be what you think they are... and when you think you are buying a genuine Willy Wonka chocolate bar, made by  the cunning hands of his trustworthy Umpa Lumpa's, may truth be told... it is likely that you are actually buying a a Willy Wonky chocolate bar, made in China... and the ride promised on the advertising, will be waivered by the small print.

You see many of the sites out there offering lottery tickets for sale are in many cases selling an insured item... and not the real deal. And this is why I have my preference when it comes to buying tickets online because I want the chance of winning the golden ticket and not some silver tinfoil thing...

My choice of buying a EuroMillions lottery ticket is from:

And the reason is simple, my order is safe, it is secure and I know I am getting a Willy Wonka bonafied, genuine deal.

Good luck with Tuesdays 110 Million draw...

Disclaimer, I have tickets invested in the EuroMillions draw!

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