Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where to play Tuesdays 110 Million Euromillions draw Online

Tuesday Euromillions draw is a big one. €110 Big to be precise. As the news hits the wires and people around the worlds start to talk about the dream of winning this fantastic tax free jackpot, the question always remains. Where do you play the Euromillions online?

In fact there are plenty of sites that offer such a service, not all of them have kept up with the times, some are over the top with just too much. Some have turned into a commercial hype... selling the idea of a lavish and opulent lifestyle to get your hard earned cash to buy a ticket from them over the next.

For me, I buy my tickets where I have always bought them:
The reason is simple, there is no hype, the site is easy to use, and I have experienced the evolution as the software has slowly improved and thus have bought my tickets with them for the past 6 years. I have seen and tried other sites, but I keep coming back for more. Maybe it is the great customer support or the fact that my email always arrives on time. Perhaps it is because I can play the game in syndicate with my family and friends or my work colleagues. Maybe it is because when I had trouble with an order I was give a bonus just because I had taken the time to ask some pretty sensible question.

But whatever your fix and whomever you use, I trust: with my lotto tickets... and so should you!

Good luck to all of you who decide to play the euro lotto online... I hope to get my hands on the big one... what about you?

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