Sunday, August 05, 2012

Lottery Affiliate Program - Start earning money today!

With the Euromillions and Powerball jackpots at over €190 Million Euro's and $212 Million USD's respectively, people all over the world are securing their tickets for a chance to become incredibly rich.

Some smart people out there are also taking the opportunity to make money selling these tickets via a lottery affiliate program.

What is an affiliate program?
An affiliate program is when someone sells another persons goods or services and earns a commission from the resulting sales. To achieve this each affiliate uses a unique link for prospects to get to the website and generally the website will use cookies to record the introduction. When the user signs up the registration form will look for the resulting cookie and allocate the new user to the affiliate who recommended them!

But what are good products to sell?
In general this will depend on the market you are able to reach. If you have a blog about cars, chances are you would do well selling auto related bits and pieces. If your website offered financial advice or legal services, again you would do well selling some kind of related service.

Where do I find good products to promote?
There are plenty of places to find products to promote, probably the most popular is clickbank.
Here are some affiliate programmes I have signed up to promote:

Lottery Harvester is a way to increase your odds of winning the lottery! From the publisher: "This software has everything, large pool of numbers, great guarantees and a huge chance of winning lotteries without breaking the bank as far as buying lottery tickets is concerned and is a must for anyone serious about winning the lottery for the minimum outlay."

Here is another site selling a lottery software app to help you increase your chances of winning the lottery.

How about promoting the lottery?
If you wish to earn money like I am by promoting various products, you can promote the lottery by signing up to our lottery affiliate program.

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