Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lottery Scam -

The following is email correspondence of scammers attempting to wittle some cash out of somebody using a typical 419, advanced fee fraud scam technique. Enjoy!

From: Passinvernal Bank UK
Date: 04/06/2012 12:29 pm

Dear Mrs. Tom Cruise

Thank you for your message, and also to remind that the documents you are asking for maybe available with the national lottery.

Your funds were lodge by the national lottery payment committee and what was sent to the bank was your ticket and approval of payment with a letter of credit to pay the stated amount upon request.

so we have been patiently waiting for you to come forward for the claim of your funds untill there was a false attempt to claim your fund on the 20th March 2012.

Please find attached copy of receipt and payment receipt sent to us in your favor

Yours truly,
Mrs. Mary Mcvoigt
(Head Credit Controller)
Passinvernal Bank London Ltd
Subsidiary-Royal Bank Of Scotland.

From: Passinvernal Bank UK
Date: 09/07/2012 4:04 pm


From the message below, the synchronization is a process of linking your fund through your card (electronically). in any credit or debit card payments, the transfer goes through synchronized channels between the merchants account and his/her Bank.

so let me know hen you can effect the payments and we shall surely process your request and complete your funds transfer processes.

Mary Mcvoigt

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 17:27:03 +0100

Dear Mrs. Tom Cruise,

to our last telephone conversation, it is pertinent that the previous
fee waved to enable you access your funds has to be paid.

According to the Digital Links and Account department , yours cards
credit channel was blocked due to the fact that you tried to load funds
before the card was fully activated and synchronized or loading funds
from unverified source.

Therefore, to fully unblock the credit channels and activate you account
again, the director insist that the previous fee has to be paid with a
telegraphic channel connection fee of GBP£225.45.

therefore, the total fee is required for full actualization of your account and card synchronization.

Activation Swift Charges : GBP£248.34
Transfer conversion charges : GBP£168.00
Telegraphic Channel Charges: GBP£225.45.

Total :GBP£641.79

director also said they have already done a direct credit of $100 to
your card to open the credit channel so that upon your payment os the
fees, then your funds will automatically synchronize to your card.

Please let me know if you can be able to make the payment before or by Monday.

according to exchange rate of today, GBP£641.79 GBP = R8,458.50 ZAR (1 GBP = 13.1779 ZAR).

Yours truly,
Mrs. Mary Mcvoigt
(Head Credit Controller)
Passinvernal Bank London Ltd
Subsidiary-Royal Bank Of Scotland.

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