Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Delays in lottery results

Results to customers are delivered on a timely basis and in most cases are delivered shortly after the results have been published but there are technical issues that can cause delays.

When can I expect my results?
Our aim is to have our customers results in their inbox as soon as possible.

Sometimes however there are delays and to understand the why to delays you need to understand the mechanics between fetching your results and having them on your desk while you are enjoying your morning cup of coffee.

Here are the mechanics:
  • Official websites publish results, generally these are close to the official draw time.
  • Our crawlers check official sites every few hours for new results.
  • Results are processed and checked to ensure they are not garbage.
  • Customer accounts are credited and emails deployed.
Technical problems:
In a perfect world you would have your results the moment the official numbers are published. Unfortunately this is not the always case.

The biggest challenge is to deal with ever changing official feed and website pages. As these pages change so our crawlers have to be updated. Of course there is no warning to when this will happen. If you are a publisher of lottery related widgets and gadgets that rely on the official results to make your app work, then you will know what I am talking about.

Secondary factors may include internal software updates and new functionality causing issues.

In the most case, results are delivered smoothly and should be on your desk a few hours after they have been released on the official websites. If they are not, drop us a line and we will check for you.

Other problems:
Sometimes our users do not receive their results. In this case it is more than likely a spam issue at their ISP. The solution to this is to either have our domain whitelisted or simply to login to your account and view your results online.

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