Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I just won 1.6 Million pounds sterling in the Royal Bank of Scotland lottery...

While I do believe all banks are essentially a type of lottery or more appropriately a ponzy scheme, chances are they are not going to pony up any amount of cash in an absurd thing like a free lottery.

Firstly, if we allow common sense to take the soap box, it will tell us that Banks like you to be in debt and paying THEM money... not the other way round.

Secondly, have you ever heard of a bank running some kind of lottery? Probably not...

So what is it?

Chances are you have received a 419 advanced fee fraud scam email named after the 419 form that victims typically would need to fill in.

How does it work?
They send you an unsolicited email claiming you have won a large prize and to send them some personal information.
You get very excited and send them the information as quick as you can.
They congratulate you.
You thank them and start to share how you are going to save the world.
They get excited too and tell you what a saint you are and that your funds are on the way.
You immediately place an order for a new Bentley and tell the boss to take a hike.
You get in touch because your funds have not arrived.
They are very 'embarrassed' and promise to look into it (they ignore you for a week).
You get in touch again and demand your funds! (after all the Bentley is arriving tomorrow)
They come back and say not to worry, the funds are pending banking fees that need to be paid, would you mind so terribly to pay the $100 for the payment release fees.
You pay the money and wait.
Nothing happens.
You contact them again and again they are very apologetic and you go through the same process, this time you need to pay for an endorsement for a certificate and postage of said certificate to a bank. This time it is $500 (since you are now paying lawyers fees).

And so you go round and round the merry go round until you have been bled dry...

And here, endeth the 419 lottery scam lesson!

- Steve

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