Friday, December 11, 2015

From winning lottery to murder trial

Winning a lottery is always a life changing event. Just imagine for a second how your life would change if you became a millionaire. All the opportunities that would present themselves and all the things you could now afford that you previously could not. What will you do with the money? Perhaps you will invest it in small businesses or even better, donate to charity of your choice helping people in the process. Jason Cantenbury from Cape Town was unfortunately not so lucky. Winning the lottery changed his life forever eventually to face murder charges. Here is this young man’s story.

South African born Jason Cantenbury was only 19 years old when he won a portion of R6,7 million in the National Lottery. Soon after he became a millionaire in 2003 he started living the ‘high life’ by buying himself a home in Kuilsriver and 2 new exclusive motor vehicles along with other properties. He lived the life everyone wanted. The life of a millionaire. Unfortunately this ‘high life’ did not go on for long and soon Canterbury had no money left. This is where the trouble started.

In 2006, only few years after winning the national lottery, Canterbury was accused of murder.

When Canterbury ran out of money he started a drug trafficking organisation. The murder of which was in connection with this organisation. Only 25 years old, Canterbury was convicted of a murder in Cape Town and his fairytale life turned to a nightmare.

In the end Jason Canterbury did not enjoy any of his winnings including his house, as he was imprisoned with a sentence of 28 years for the murder he committed. It would have been good had Canterbury been able to enjoy his lottery winnings somewhere other than a prison cell. This distressing story demonstrates that winning the lottery can be risky too. As for Jason Canterbury, his winning the lottery was his downfall.

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