Thursday, December 01, 2016

Beware: the email that empties your bank account

Imagine getting an email that tells you that you've won millions. And all you have to do, to get those millions transferred neatly into your bank account, is reply to the sender with some information. It seems so simple and it's so irresistible.

But if you do reply, you'll find your bank account emptied, rather than bursting with cash. Because these emails - called phishing emails or 419 scam emails - are scams, designed to get innocent people like you to hand over your bank details and personal information. And if you do, they'll tell you to travel to a particular destination (at your own expense), to meet their representative and collect your prize.

But you'll find no such representative there. And the crooks will have used your personal information to gain access to your bank account, and empty it out. Once they've got your money, you'll never get it back.

Here's how the crooks get away with it:
·         The emails "look" real: The fraudsters align themselves, illegally, to real lottery companies. They'll even go so far as to use the companies' logos in the email letterhead and sign-off. Failing that, they invent a very legitimate-sounding business name (like Euro Winner Lotteries), and hope that the reader won't get suspicious.
·         The emails "sound" real: The emails read like professional and credible notices. However, in many cases, there are small grammatical or spelling errors which may tip you off.
·         The contact details shared in the email look credible: You're told to contact a Ms So-and-So, at some professional sounding office address. But in reality, this person is a cover for the criminal.

Here's what you need to know about these scams, so that you never fall victim to them.

·         If you didn't buy a lottery ticket, you can't win the prize
Think about it: If you didn't buy a lottery ticket, how would you be able to win the prize? And even if you did win, why would the company email you, rather than calling you in person?
And what if you did buy a lottery ticket (you can buy them online these days)? Then read the small print on your ticket and follow the instructions shared there for prize collection. You'll speak to someone who can verify whether or not your ticket was a winning one.

·         The email's from someone you don't know
Your parents warned you about strangers, when you were little. These strangers exist online too, and you should avoid them and their emails. Just because they've chosen to email you (rather than approach you on the street) doesn't make them any less dangerous.

·        The email asks you to share a lot of personal information
Even when you do win a cash prize, the company awarding the prize isn't going to ask you what your occupation or your home phone number is. But the crooks want this info - along with your ID number and also your bank account information - since it gives them direct access to your savings, as well as the ability to use your identity to commit fraud.
NEVER share your personal information with anyone over email.

What to do when you get this email?
Firstly, make sure you never respond to the emails.
Contact your local government; they usually have organisations set up to investigate these. You'll have to send them the original email, and any other documents relating to the email. They'll do what they can to investigate the matter.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

When the win is simply too good to be true...

Your odds of winning the Lotto are less than one in a million (sometimes, substantially less than that!). Yet you still buy the lottery ticket. Because if you win, your life will be transformed. You can pay off the house, get rid of debts, secure your children's' education and look after your aging parents. Goodbye, stress and strife!

The question is, what would you do if you bought the winning lottery ticket? Who would you tell? What would your victory dance look like? What would you do with your winnings?

One recent Lotto Powerball jackpot winner (who has remained anonymous) was so surprised when he realised that he was holding the winning ticket, he kept quiet about it for over a week!

So who was this lucky chap? He worked as a public servant in Limpopo, South Africa. He'd been buying the R20 lottery ticket every week, for 16 years. And every week, his wife told him he was crazy. She believed the lottery was a waste of money, since the odds are stacked so high against the ticket holder. And he almost started believing her!

But when he saw that the jackpot had swelled to an astounding R87 million, he knew he had to try his luck. He asked his wife to help him pick out numbers, but she refused. He stopped in at the Global Filling Station in Mokopane to buy a lottery ticket. A mere fifteen minutes before the cut off, he handed over R20, and took a lottery ticket.

It looked like any other lottery ticket. It felt like any other lottery ticket.

But when the winning numbers were announced, he knew that this ticket was his one-in-a-million dream come true. Because with it, he'd won a whopping R87 million. This is the fourth highest cash prize in the history of the South African lottery!

He almost didn't believe it. In fact, he was so shocked, he kept his win a secret - for over a week! Finally, he broke the news to his wife, who also couldn't believe his luck. She broke out in a gospel hymn!

Finally, the winner took the winning ticket to the offices of the Ithuba National Lottery, to lay claim to his life-altering prize. He admitted it was all so surreal, it had taken him a few days to get used to the idea.

Interestingly, this winner had modest plans for his millions. He said he wanted to make charitable donations and then invest his cash wisely. He had no intentions of quitting his job, or going on wild shopping sprees.

We can't help but wonder, how he's doing, and whether he stuck to this plan!

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Seven jackpot losers that taught us how NOT to spend our jackpot winnings

Everybody dreams about winning the lottery! But can you imagine losing all your winnings?

Expert financial advisors will tell you that winning a huge lump sum can be overwhelming and depressing if you are not well equipped to manage the money correctly. Many winners have lost their fortunes through lavish spending on everything from luxury handbags and shoes to cars, wild parties and new drug habits.

It's so important to invest your winnings wisely so that they can serve you well.
Take a look at these seven big winners, who (infamously) lost it all.

Billie Bob Harrell Jr.
Billie Bob was working at Home Depot, in the USA, when he won the Texas Lottery Lotto jackpot and bagged about US$31 million. He promptly quit his job and splurged on homes, church donations and gifts for friends and family. But he depleted his winnings so fast, that a few months after his winnings he was broke. Sadly, he took his own life.

Michael Carroll
The Englishman was just 19 years old (working as a waste collector) when he won the UK National Lottery in 2002 - a sum of over £9.7 million! But today, just over a decade later, Carroll is working in a cookie factory, earning minimum wage because he lost his fortunes. He spent it all on homes, jewellery, cars and parties! Plus, he had a long list of criminal offences to his name.

Evelyn Adams
Adams won the New Jersey Lottery not once, but twice in 1985 and 1986. She raked in winnings of over US$5.4 million in total. But her compulsive gambling habit (and the cash gifts she made to family and friends) emptied her bank account. By 2001, Adams' was broke and living in a trailer.

Barry Shell
In 2009, Shell won $4 million in Canada's Ontario lottery. He literally used his last dollars to buy the lottery ticket! But at the time, police had a warrant for arrest out on Shell; he was wanted on charges of theft and possession of stolen property. And when police saw a photo of him accepting his prize, they located him and arrested him. Shell gave his winnings to a relative, before going to jail.

Abraham Shakespeare
Shakespeare was a working-class American man when he won US$17 million in the 2006 jackpot. He befriended DeeDee Moore, who pretended to have an interest in Shakespeare's wellbeing. She told him she would help him protect his winnings since friends and family had lined up for handouts. She convinced Shakespeare to transfer the money to her account, before killing him.

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Sharon Tirabassi
Tirabassi was a single mum, living off welfare checks when she won $10 million in the Ontario Lottery. She spent the money on designer clothes, wild parties, travel, handouts to family, mansions and flashy cars. It wasn't long before she had depleted the cash, and was forced to return to part-time work and living in a rented house. At least she had the good sense to put some of the cash into a trust for her children!

Vivian Nicholson
Nicholson won £152 00 back in 1961 and declared she would "spend, spend, spend!". She did exactly that, blowing her winnings on cars, high fashion and holidays abroad. And by the early 19702, she was broke. She ended up living on a measly pension and was looking for jobs.

You don't have to be the winner who loses, so spectacularly! Make sure you consult a financial advisor and a lawyer if you win big so that you can manage your winnings smartly.

You CAN win today! Play the lottery of your choice online with

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Easy tips on how to play lottery games in South Africa

Lottery is an exciting game and is popular in almost every country in the world. European countries have EuroMillions, Australia has Powerball and it is not any different in South African where the lotto receives massive support. 

Run by the Ithuba Holdings Proprietary Limited (RF) since 2015, the South African lottery scene has undergone some changes while promising to optimise the consumer experience, restore faith and trust in the National Lottery, as well as promote a positive social contribution towards society. 

How you can start playing the South African lottery? Are you feeling lucky? Have a look below for some easy tips to get started right away. 

Where to start – At the shop vs online

The beauty of lottery lies in its simplicity. Literally anyone over the age of 18 can play from any part of South Africa. There are two options, either you can play online or purchase a ticket at a shop or kiosk.

If you decide to play online, simply click on and register to create an account. Its quick, its simple and user friendly. However, a few rules do apply, such as the need to be the holder of valid a South African identity document and you have to be over the age of 18. Once registered, all you have to do is log into your account and enjoy playing the lottery from the comfort of your home. No hassle. 

Instead of registering another account with more passwords and account details to remember you can also play the South African lottery directly from your online banking platform if you bank with First National Bank (FNB) or Nedbank. Simply follow the instructions on the site to get your tickets.
Should you wish to play the South African lottery at a shop, most high street retailers such as Pick 'n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers and Spar have kiosks. Some smaller corner shops and forecourt shops at petrol stations also sell lottery tickets.

To purchase your ticket choose your lucky numbers, pay for the ticket and write your name on the back of it. Watch the live draws on Wednesday's and Saturday's or cross check the boards at the place you purchased your ticket to see if you are a winner.

Games – the choice is yours
South African National Lottery consists of many different games and those are the basic Lotto, Lotto Plus, Powerball, Powerball Plus and SportsTake 13.  Find out more about the options available here

Some easy tips
Although winning a lottery is often stereotyped as pure luck, getting few tips on how to play can’t hurt anyone, can it?
  • Do not pick a set of all odds or all even numbers. The odds of this happening are quite slim, so rather choose a combination of let us say 3 odds and 3 even numbers. 
  • Repeating numbers. Try to look out for a number that was repeated in few lotto draws. Usually those numbers will affect your whole number selection. 
Have you always been dreaming of the day when you become the next lucky lottery winner? Do not wait around for luck to find you, go ahead and play some Lotto.

Play online lotteries from all over the world here:  

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How the lottery helped someone with MS

Having a friend with MS and another's brother with the same condition, I could not help but want to share this story with our readers.

It is amazing how stress plays such an important role in our lives proven especially when the stress is taken away.

This article is courtesy of the National Lottery Website.

Dione and Richard Buss won a Lotto jackpot in 2013. This is the story of how the win made a huge difference to their life.
For many years, Dione Buss could be forgiven for thinking that Lady Luck had deserted her. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when her only daughter was just a few months old, she worked for the next 19 years despite regular flare ups which sometimes confined her to a wheelchair.

Dione, 50, recalls, “I’ll never forget the first time I realised something was terribly wrong. Harriet was just three months old, and I couldn’t do the poppers up on her babygrow. My fingers didn’t have the dexterity or strength.

“When I was diagnosed with MS a few months later, I went into denial. At first, I couldn’t even face telling my friends or colleagues at work. Over the years I would have regular flare ups where my legs would literally just go from under me for no reason and my right-hand side would be paralysed.”

Working part time for Bristol City Council because her health was failing, Dione suffered a major relapse in August 2013, the day before daughter Harriet’s 19th birthday. Dione says, “It was like being trapped, and I felt such a burden [for] my family. Harriet had to help me in and out of the bath, and I couldn’t walk so my family and friends came to visit me. I hated taking time off work, but I missed almost seven weeks which was a frustrating and lonely experience. I felt that life was so bleak.”

By September 2013 Dione had recovered enough for a pre–booked holiday in St Ives with husband Richard, 51. Back home, the Lottery ticket they had purchased on holiday was nearly thrown out. Dione says, “Richard checked the first draw, saw we hadn’t won and put the ticket on the recycling pile ready to go in the bin. I found it, realised there was another draw still on Saturday, and put the ticket away safely.

“We used the same combination of family birthdays and house numbers, so we would have been devastated if the ticket had been thrown away by mistake.”

Instead, that Saturday the couple found their fortunes changing at last – scooping a £1,888,630 jackpot. They spent their win on a new family home complete with paddock and two horses for Harriet, a holiday home in St Ives and a dream trip to see the Great Wall of China.

Life changing

But it is health, more than wealth, which has truly turned Dione’s life around.

She says, “I was working 30 hours a week, and as soon as I won, I gave up my job. It had a huge [effect] on my MS. For the last 15 years, I had suffered from regular relapses. But after winning the lottery I had just one minor relapse when we went to a Christmas market in Berlin and I collapsed in the hotel.”

“Since then, my medication has been changed and my new pace of life, plus the fact I don’t have to worry about the bills, has seen a dramatic effect on my health. I feel better than I have done for years.”

Now that Dione is well and enjoying her new home – a barn conversion nestled beside the Quantock hills – she is determined to repay the Bristol and Avon Multiple Sclerosis Centre.

Dione says, “When we realised we had won the Lottery I couldn’t sleep a wink. But even through the shock, I remember thinking I wanted to do something to help the MS centre.

“The doctors and nurses are all like family. The unit has merged to provide care for patients with MS, Parkinsons, Dementia and Epilepsy, and the new building houses a café which will raise money for further research.

“When they told me they needed volunteers, I thought: “I’ll give my time.” A couple of times a month I drive 90 miles to work an entire day in the café. I have always wanted to give something back to the medical teams who have helped me – and now I finally have the time to help out.”

Dione can now reflect on the real value of her life changing win. “The Lottery has given me time to recover my health, and time to devote myself to helping others – and you simply can’t put a price on that.”

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Pets saved by the lottery

We loved this story so much, we had to share it with you.
They are the pets who hit the jackpot – when their National Lottery winning owners decided to take on animals who needed love, patience and a whole load of luck. Here we meet one of the adored pets who were saved by the Lottery.

Former hair salon owner Susan Herdman won £1.1MMillion in January 2010. She lives with her partner Andrew in North Yorkshire. When Susan volunteered at an animal rescue sanctuary in Ireland, a tiny puppy with thee-and-a-half legs melted her heart. Here Susan tells the story of Logan.

"I will never forget the first time I saw Logan because it was love at first sight. As a volunteer helping out at the Animal Heaven Rescue Centre in Castle Island, I was asked to clean a stable which held some puppies.


Logan was at the back of the stable and as I leant down, he tried to climb onto my lap. I picked him up and he stared up at me as if he could see right into my soul. Then he tucked his head under my chin and gave a deep, contented sigh. I was just in pieces.

Over the next two days I kept going back to the stable for cuddles. The lady who rescued him found him at a cage in an animal fair and sale. When she asked about him, she was told he was going to be drowned because he only had half a front leg. I asked if I could adopt Logan, and take him home to join my four-year-old chocolate lab Senna. When they said yes, it was like winning the Lottery again.

I returned home, and met Logan the following week when the rescue centre had a delivery to Birmingham. Logan was handed to me and when he saw me again he went mad with joy. I took him home and Senna wasn’t happy about the new arrival for three weeks. But then one day I found them curled together, fast asleep – with Logan lying on Senna’s back. He had won her over – just as he does with everyone else.

A new life

Logan’s happiness is infectious. His favourite food is chicken and I spoil him rotten. He travels the country with us in a luxury motorhome. The Lottery allowed me to volunteer for the shelter, and bought Logan and I together. I would never have been able to have him if I still worked full time as the owner of a hair salon. It gave me a new life – and Logan a complete new chance at life.

I thought I might pay for him to have a prosthetic front leg built, so he could run on four legs again. I sent X-rays to the TV Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick, along with a video of Logan walking. But Noel got back to us and said the deformity was too far up the shoulder for a false leg to work. He said Logan was managing fine on the legs he had.

Watching him race around on his three legs shows me what a great spirit he has – a little dog with a huge heart.”

Source: National Lottery Website

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A quick trip to the shop and a cool £250,000 in the bank!

A quick trip to the shops and a spur of the moment purchase has led to a life changing GameStore win for a couple. The £250,000 Navy Scratchcard caught the eye of the couple and the top prize will pay for treats for all their family.
Les West, 62, and his wife Charmaine, 52, were off to see their daughter when they stopped for bread and milk in a local shop. Queueing to pay, a snap decision has changed the couple’s finances.

Highways Contractor, Les, said, “We were at the till when Charmaine saw the Navy Scratchcard at the counter and commented how lovely it would be to win £250,000, so I said ‘buy one as you never know’. It was a spur of the moment decision and on the way back to the car I decided to scratch the card.

“As soon as I saw what it said I started to shake and went as white a sheet. I said to Charmaine that we’ve won and she asked if it was a tenner. I said higher and she then said £20, £50, £100 and each time I told her it was even higher. She thought I was messing around but when I asked her what was the amount she had just dreamt about in the shop she started screaming.”

Amazing few days
The ecstatic couple went home and immediately called The National Lottery to claim their prize before calling the rest of the family. That evening they had a meal with their family to celebrate.

“It has been an amazing few days. I still haven’t stopped shaking. Before the man from Camelot came to confirm everything, we kept the ticket during the day in Charmaine’s purse, and at night I put it under my pillow.”

Charmaine is a housewife and they have six children and ten grandchildren between them. The couple have decided that they’ll treat themselves to a new car, a UK holiday as Charmaine doesn’t like to fly, and will give some money to their children and grandchildren.

Les who works maintaining the county’s highways, will be working throughout December including Christmas Day. He said, “This win is amazing, it really has taken the pressure off us and although I will still be working over the festive period, one thing I know is that this will be the best Christmas ever.”

Source: National Lottery Website.

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Cornish runners scoop a million pounds!

A syndicate of Cornish runners backed their friends ‘lucky’ feeling and grabbed a EuroMillions ticket. They have now set a new personal best after crossing the line first and winning £1Million.
The syndicate from Mount’s Bay Harriers in Penzance bought 13 tickets in Exeter Airport on their way to Amsterdam for a weekend of running after their syndicate leader had one of his ‘feelings’ and convinced them that they would be lucky.

Syndicate leader Nicky Morse, 58, a self–employed painter and decorator from Penzance, was at Exeter Airport when he had the overwhelming urge to buy a EuroMillions ticket. As soon as his friends heard about his premonition, they all wanted to get involved because Nicky is renowned for his winning streak.

Nicky said, “I do seem to have a bit of a magic touch. I’m not a regular gambler but every now and then, I feel lucky and I’ll be drawn to bet on something and I always win. Over the years I’ve learned to take these feelings as they come and put my positive mindset to good use. It always pays off but this is by far my biggest win to date.”

Once the group had purchased their 13 EuroMillions tickets they promptly forgot about them and carried on with enjoying their long weekend of running in Amsterdam. It was only when they returned that one of the syndicate decided to check the results. However, they neglected to check the UK Millionaire Maker code and threw the balled up tickets at Nicky, joking, “You and your ‘feelings’”.

More faith
Luckily, Nicky had more faith and he and his wife, Jackie, took the tickets home to double check. It was then that they discovered they had won £1MMillion and Nicky quickly contacted the rest of the group to tell them they were all £76,923 better off.

“There were a lot of tears and disbelief when I broke the news. Certainly no one slept that night. I think it has settled in now and everyone has started making plans. Everyone will be doing something different with their share. Some are going to pay off their mortgages, there are a few holidays being booked and I’m planning some home improvements.

“We are all hoping to get together for a meal and a few drinks to celebrate our good fortune soon.”

Source: National Lottery Website

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Thursday, November 03, 2016

World's Most Popular Lottery's

You too can play some of the most popular lottery games from all over the world with Lottery Network brought to you by Sun 7 Gaming. Visit our website to for a chance to win your share in some amazing jackpots.

Imagine how easy your life could be if you win the next big jackpot, you could afford to do anything that you'd like. Whether you buy that dream house or car, travel the world or even start your own business, the possibilities are endless. The rewards are a tremendous attraction for getting your hands on that winning lottery ticket. This is why each month people rush out to get their tickets whether at a kiosk in a shop or online.

As one of the USA’s most popular lottery's the Mega Millions definitely does live up to it's namesake. With a ticket costing only $3.13 and the Jackpots starting at $15 million, no wonder this lottery game is on top of our list. It's highest Jackpot to date was $656 Million which was won by 3 lucky tickets for the draw on 30th March 2012.

To play Mega Millions, a player is to select six numbers from two separate pools, five numbers from 1 to 75 and one number from 1 – 15. Alternatively, one can opt for EasyPick and let the computer pick numbers on your behalf.  

Powerball, another large jackpot game in the USA is second on our list. While spending $5.37 on a ticket, you have a chance to win this massive jackpot every Wednesday and Saturday night. Five white balls and one red ball are drawn from a drum of 69 white and 26 red balls. The jackpot is awarded to a person who can match the 5 white and 1 red ball in any order. 

The jackpot is paid out over 29 years (30 payments counting the first immediate payment) or a cash lump sum payment. The latest winner was the Smith Family from New Jersey who won an unbelievable jackpot of $429.6 million in May 2016.

Third on our list is the very popular, European lottery called EuroMillions (UK). Under the EuroMillions banner one can find various instant win games such as WindGold, Jewel Multiplier, Instant Millioner Lifestyle and many more.

Each of the games tickets' will cost you under £5. The most recent lucky EuroMillions winner is Jim McLoughlin from Newry, who accidentally found his winning ticket in his winter coat. Thanks to the cold weather that made him reach for his jacket, he is now £1 Million richer.

Another huge lottery with amazing prizes and jackpots is the Australian Powerball. The draws take place every Thursday and although their jackpot cannot be compared to the USA version, it is by far the most popular lottery among the Aussies. 

It's jackpots average around AU$80 Million, and the odds of winning the Australian Powerball jackpot is much higher than in the USA version where you have to compete against 175 million others. 

In December 2012, the lucky Australian couple Mark and Cindy Hill won an amazing PowerBall jackpot of AU$294 Million and used their winnings to adopt another child to join their family. 

You can play these amazing international lottery's right here with Lottery Network. It’s easy to get started simply create an account, log in and play. 

You never know, maybe your new life as a millionaire will begin after the next lottery draw!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Biggest Lottery Winners in History

Which type of lottery player are you?

The one who only buys a lottery ticket when you feel lucky? Or are you loyal to one lottery game and buy your ticket every week or once a month? You may even be the person who believes it is impossible to win so much money!

Which ever category you belong to, after reading this article, we are sure that you will run to your nearest outlet and purchase your lotto ticket. 

Let’s have a look at five of the luckiest wins in the history of the lottery.

Jim and Carolyn McCullar

If you give, you will receive goes the saying. 

This is definitely the true in the case of the lucky couple from Olympia who won the unbelievable US$190 Million in the Washington Lottery. The parents of 6 and grandparents of 23, are believed to always help within their community and often give funds to those who need it most. 

In one of the interviews Jim reveled that he and his wife only play the numbers of their birth dates, 08-15-42 and 04-25-47. 

Amazingly, they won with those exact numbers twice, the first time winning US$18,000.00 and second time won them the record breaking jackpot.

Louise White
In March 2012, Louise White proved that it is never too late to play the lottery, by winning the huge sum of US$336 Million at the age of 81. 

Louise played the PowerBall lottery regularly and never forgot to include a ticket on her grocery shopping list. 

This Rhode Island resident, decided to keep her lucky winning ticket in her bible until she could exchange it for the big cash payout.

Merle and Patricia Butler
The Butlers are another lucky couple who are known in their local community as a decent people and according to Merle they "just happened to hit it big in the Lottery". Walking away US$218 Million richer, they said they will be doing some good deeds with their winnings. 

Merle stated in the official prize ceremony that even though they have won the big MegaMillions lottery prize, their lives will not change drastically.

Eddie Nabor
Another record win belongs to a truck driver from Georgia who on 6th of March 2007 snapped the amazing MegaMillions jackpot of US$390 Million along with Elaine and Harold Messner of New Jersey.  The 52 year old shared that he plans to help his daughter buy a house and his sister pay of her mortgage. Quite the generous offer, isn’t it?

Looking at those five lucky winners, it is obvious that winning a lottery is not impossible after all. 

So if you have lottery on your mind and are wondering what you would do if you win, then go ahead and try your luck. It is worth the couple of  Euros to play and you never know what your numbers might bring. 

Play now at

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Man wins Lottery Twice in 7 years

For some people winning the lotto is once in a lifetime dream. For others it is almost unimaginable to even win, but not for this man. It might be his lucky stars or just simply his determination to beat the massive odds. However one thing is for sure, this South African man from Limpopo has become very rich at only 34 years old after winning the lotto twice in 7 years.

It started in 2002, when the anonymous player won his first prize in the South African National Lottery, walking away R11 Million richer.  Instead of settling for only the one victory another lottery ticket purchased in 2009 saw him win again. Beating the odds of 14 million to one, he won his second lottery prize of R30 Million and became the first man in South African history to achieve something this spectacular. 

According to the Spokesperson for South African Lottery Thembi Tulwana “he is just a lucky bloke”. 

Despite the two lottery wins and an enormous temptation to spend his funds unwisely, this man seems to know where to invest his winnings. This lucky winner said that he will be investing most of his money into his four children's' future and his businesses, which are mostly in property development.  

Tulwana mentioned that this lucky winner was extremely calm and collected when he came to claim his winnings. While insisting on driving himself to collect his prize, he left an impression of a “man who has money”.

Spending only R100 a month on lotto ticket, with his two massive lotto winnings under his belt, we can be sure that he and his four children have rather bright future ahead. 

The 'most lottery wins' record belongs to a man from Idaho (USA), who won the lottery three times.  

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Biggest wins of the South African National Lottery

While reading up on some of the largest lottery wins it seems that the best way to deal with a BIG WIN is to keep quiet and not tell anyone about it! Not even your family, as this mother of two and the single biggest lottery winner in South Africa has done.

This mother chose to remain anonymous a a after winning a jackpot of  R91 million in 2010 and decided not tell her children. She decided to keep working and living life as normal and to spend her winnings wisely. Keeping her head in this way will ensure that they do not get hounded by fortune hunters or long lost family who all of a sudden come crawling out of the woodwork as in so many cases that she had heard about.

Coincidentally the second biggest winner in South Africa, who's numbers also came up in 2010, was a 29 year old gentleman from the Western Cape who won R69 million. Upon discovering this turn of good fortune he immediately phoned his wife. Luckily he too seems to have kept his head and planned on donating some of his winnings to charity and investing the rest in a small business.

A third winner who hasn’t won large jackpots as the previous two winners he has however won the lotto twice!!
An anonymous gentleman from Limpopo beat the odds and won R11 million in 2002, and though some would be happy with that and live a full and lavish life style this lucky gentleman kept playing and 7 years later he won another R30 million
Choosing to remain anonymous, independent and in complete control, the man opted to drive himself to the Gidani (who at that time was the operator of the National Lottery) offices in Midrand to claim his prize.

Unfortunately not all lottery winners make wise decisions, as is the case with Mr. Batsirayi Mupfawi who worked for 15 years as a chauffeur for the manager of the golfer Ernie Els. He won R14 million in 2000. Although Mr Mupfawi owns his own trucking company he has had to sell some of his property to cover the debts he has run up over the years and his phone and security services have been suspended due to lack of payment. Read his full story here.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Australia’s biggest Winners and Losers

In November 2012 Australia had their biggest Lottery winning. A phenomenal AUD $111 972 151.04 was split between four lucky tickets.

The jackpot winnings were split equally into AUD $27 993 037.76 for each ticket, the recipients of which were spread far and wide over Australia.

Two of the very lucky ticket winners were from Victoria and they were informed of their winnings by phone. One ticket was a  mother of three, who was so shocked by the good news that she made operator promise to call her back in case she accidentally hung up the phone! The second ticket was purchased by a central syndicate of 80 members, with each syndicate member entitled to a division share of AUD $349,913.00.

The third winning ticket was from New South Wales and was purchased by a by a dad from a NSW Lottery outlet during the family’s recent holiday to the coast.

The last lucky ticket was purchased in Queensland.

A little over a year later in December of 2013, the "Largest Lottery Win" ever by a single ticket was set, when a ticket purchased by a group of friends on the Gold Coast won AUD $70 Million in Oz Lotto
The women met regularly for lunch and used the money left over after paying their bill to buy a shared lottery ticket. The group of ladies have made the wise decision to remain anonymous.


But as with life's ups and downs not all lottery winner stories have happy endings and probably the unluckiest winner of all is one Mr. Robert Clemett from New South Wales. Mr Clemett is said to have realised that he had bought a winning ticket when he saw a television program about unclaimed lottery prizes almost four years after the Oz Lotto draw on 23 September 1997.

Mr Clemett tried to claim the outstanding sum of AUD $3,348,326.14, which remains the single largest unclaimed prize in the Oz Lotto. Unfortunately he was one of approximately 50 people who contacted NSW Lotteries for the purpose of making a claim or inquiry in respect of the unclaimed prize following the broadcast. He is the only claimant who has taken his claim as far as to pursue legal action in the NSW Supreme Court.

NSW Lotteries maintains that in the absence of a ticket, they have no legal obligation to pay over the winning sum. As a result Mr Clemett's case was dismissed and he was ordered to pay NSW Lotteries’ legal fees. 


The moral of the story here is that if you have purchased a lottery ticket, do yourself a favour and check your ticket after the draw!! Who knows, your bank account might expand by a few extra zeros!

Click here to find out more about the Australian Lottery's.


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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Not All Sunshine and Roses when winning the Lottery…

Most of us have this wistful back up plan of what we will do when we win the lottery!

But what if it isn’t all sunshine and roses when you win the lotto, impossible as it may seem.

The sad truth is that within 7 years 70% of lottery winners’ end up worse off than what they were before their lucky numbers came in. This is what happens when the running costs of those massive houses and the fleet of flashy cars start eating through your last savings! Some of the rags to riches winners have even ended up on the wrong side of the law. Below you will find some examples…


In 1998, William "Bud" Post III won $16.2 million in the Pennsylvania lottery.

A mere two weeks after Mr Post collected the first of his 26 annual payments of $497,953.47, he spent more than $300,000 on gifts and investments such as a liquor license, a lease for a restaurant in Florida, a used-car lot and a twin-engine airplane (despite lacking a pilot's license).

After just three months his debts totaled $500,000! The next year, he bought a mansion.
In summary Mr Post lost most of his money in small business ventures.

To add insult to injury his own brother took a ‘hit’ out on him hoping to inherit some of his winnings. This brother was caught and convicted for his actions. Mr Post’s ex-wife managed to sue him and was awarded some of his winnings.

Just when we thought it could not get any worse for Mr Post, he too spent time in jail for firing a gun over the head of a bill collector.

In 2006 Mr Post declared bankruptcy and at the age of, 66, died of respiratory failure at a Pittsburgh area hospital.


Another winner was Victoria Zell, who won an $11 million Powerball jackpot with her husband in 2001. Her husband and her decided to split the winnings and go their separate ways.

Victoria however ended up in Minnesota prison after being convicted of a drug-and-alcohol-induced vehicle collision. 
The crash killed one of her passengers and paralysed the other, her car had been travelling above 59mph when it ran two stop signs and hit a pick-up truck, spun and crashed into a tree. 

The woman who was paralysed sued Victoria for $2.7 million, saying it had ruined her life as she was unable to even hold her baby.


The moral of the story is be careful for what you wish for and remember that it is a wise idea to invest in some genuine financial planning advice when you win the BIG ONE!

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Thursday, July 07, 2016

South African National Lottery

Since early 2000 80% of South Africans have come to know the slogan “tata ma chance, tata ‘ma millions”, for their weekly chance of becoming a millionaire.

On it's first day of opening over 800 000 tickets were sold and nearly 70 Million Rands in revenue was collected from ticket sales in the first three weeks.

The National Lotto is South Africa’s most popular form of gambling!
A study in 2006 showed that 82% of South African’s played the lotto once a week and that a majority of those players were either unemployed or of the lower income earning bracket.
Average people hoping for a chance to change their lives and live their dreams.

34% of the Lotto revenue is donated to a charitable distribution fund under the new management of ITHUBA which was awarded the operating contract of the Lotto in June 2015.

ITHUBA’s goal are to re-invigorate the National Lottery through optimising the consumer experience, restoring faith and trust in the National Lottery, as well as showcasing its positive social contribution.

There are 6 Lotto games in South Africa:

The Lotto - which is drawn twice a week, where a player must choose 6 numbers in the range from 1 – 49. 
Six balls are drawn and further bonus ball will be drawn to increase the chances of a win. 
A minimum of three balls and a bonus ball must be matched to win. 
There is also in option of a QuickDraw where random numbers are chosen for the players if they cannot choose their own numbers to play.

The Lotto Plus - runs on the same days as the Lotto and the rules are exactly the same, it increases your chances to win and it costs a little bit more for this second chance ticket. 
The jackpots are however less than The Lotto.

PowerBall - this game requires the player to pick 5 numbers between 1 – 45 and one PowerBall between 1 – 20. 
The draw for this game is also twice a week but on different days to the Lotto and Lotto Plus.

The record jackpot prize for any Lottery game in South Africa was in PowerBall at R102,016,595. This prize was won in the Free State but to-date has never been collected.

The highest claimed prize was also from PowerBall at R91,068,427.

The PowerBall Plus - is the newest game to be introduced in South Africa and has the same concept as the Lotto Plus. 
It gives the player a second chance to win, with the winnings being less than that of the PowerBall itself. 
The draws are the same nights as the PowerBall.

Sportstake - A player predicts outcomes of 12 predetermined match fixtures drawn from the English Premier League and other identified professional soccer fixtures. This game is very popular amongst soccer (football) fans.
The player can select a single or multi match result for each fixture, but will pay slightly more for the latter ticket option.

EAZiWIN - is a digital scratch card, where a card is compared against an electronically generated slip and not scratched as would be the case in traditional scratch cards. 
These games are based on traditional African games and very popular with the township folk.

Where can I get Tickets:
South African Lottery Tickets are available at kiosks in most towns and cities throughout South Africa. The Lotto, Lotto Plus and PowerBall are playable online through the First National Bank and Nedbank banking websites and their relative mobile applications.


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Thursday, June 30, 2016

New York’s biggest lottery winner wants to share his winnings with YOU!

So you have been following world lottery winners and dreaming of your soon to come BIG win. You know it can happen and you diligently buy your tickets each week in the hope that one day lady luck will be sitting by your side.

Then out of the blue, a lottery hero, the infamous New York lottery winner contacts you and tells you he will be sharing his winnings with you.

You! A complete stranger with no link to the family or the winner whatsoever! In fact you are not even in the same city or even the same country!

The first thing you do is your due diligence. Who better than to ask Google? So you look up the winner and discover that Mr Harold Diamond and his wife indeed won over $ 320 000 000.00. His email address checks out: and he has even left a telephone number (he is on holiday in Nigeria).

So you call him straight away to find out how much dosh he wants to share with you! When Harold answers you note that being super rich even allows you to trade in your old accent for a nice new Nigerian one.

Harold confirms that you have indeed won a portion of his winnings, a whopping $10 Million USD... You can not believe your luck and are already imagining how you are going to spend the muhlah! A nice new Porsche, some hair implants, a belly tuck, a face lift and perhaps a few extra inches to the old boy. While you are at it, you even consider trading in the wife for a mistress. You know the type, the ones you see in movies who like to collect $1 bills.

Now while the devil on the one shoulder is already spending your new found fortune and inevitable fame, the angel on the other shoulder is jumping up and down saying: "think about it for a second, do you see Tom Cruise in the mirror each morning?" You make a mental note of trading in the Angel for a more agreeable one... like movie stars and their agents and their leaches, sorry I mean friends.

Harold brings you back to reality, he needs you to do something for him since he is going to give you such a large wad of cash. Don't worry, its a small thing... As a show of good faith he needs you to pay for the attorney fees. Don't worry, it's only $1200 USD... which is nothing.

You agree, why would you not? How do you get your lovely mistress who likes $1 bills without an attorney? Maybe he can draw up your pre-nuptial agreement as well... and get a discount at the same time? You know, two birds with one stone?


A week later Harold calls you and thanks you for the payment. It sounds like there is a party going in the background, rich people really do have fun!

Harold tells you that all is going according to plan and you will soon be getting your $10 Million. He needs one more small thing from you. But don't worry, its a small payment of $850 for the delivery of the check.


Now when the check does not arrive, you call up Harold, he is still at the same party and its two weeks later.

He notes that you have not drawn the money from his account yet and asks what the problem is. You tell him the check has not arrived.

He tells you he will look into it.

A week later he calls and tells you there has been a mix up. You forgot to pay the stamp duty. But don't worry, its only $350.

You pay.

A week later, you call.

Harold says he will look into it.

He does.

The payment has gone missing and we need to hire an investigator to find out what is going on. But don't worry, his friend will do the work for you. $4500 and it will be sorted out.

You pay...

And so it goes on... until you are broke or start to listen to the angel on your shoulder.

The moral of the story is this:
If you happen to be a movie star, you need to get rid of your sucky agents, fair weather friends and surround yourself with people who actually give a shit about you.

If your ego is so sensitive that you cast out those that tell you things you do not want to hear, then you deserve to get screwed over by the devil on your shoulder.

But this article is not about movie stars, its about you playing the role of regular Joe, with likely a regular job and salt of the earth friends with regular if not down right boring jobs too who no matter what will be there for you. In my opinion you are living a role that movie starts only have the privilege to briefly act.

So enjoy your life for what it is and listen to that Angle (your gut feeling) when something too good to be true comes about.

Below is an example of a real email proclaiming that New York's biggest Lottery winner, Mr Harold Diamond who with his wife won over $ 320 000 000.00 and that you may receive a portion of it please know that this is unfortunately a scam.

Not Mr. Diamond or his winnings, as that is all true, but the giving away of a million dollars to 5 complete strangers over the internet is.

Our suggestion to you. Go to the shop, buy your wife a bunch of flowers, rent out a cheap movie and and know that while she may not be a pole dancer under 80's retro lights from a distant Quentin Tarantino movie, she sure is a lot less hassle than being conned by some 18 year old from Lagos or down town Brooklyn

"From Harold Diamond.

This is a personal email directed to you, I am Harold Diamond, I won $326 million Mega Millions jackpot, the largest in New York Lottery history,and have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of one million United State dollars ($1,000,000.00USD) to you as part of our own charity project to improve the lot of 5 unknown lucky individuals all over the world plus family and give back to the local communities.

If you have received this email then you are one of the lucky recipients and all you have to do is to contact Barrister Davido Lucas (Zenit Chambers) with Code: NYMJ6814 via email so that he can send your details to the payout bank for fund disbursement.

You can verify this by visiting the web pages below.

Good luck,
Harold Diamond."

If you Google the "barrister’s" name and details you come across more of the similar scams. 

The whole goal of this scam is, is for you to contact the "lawyers" and then to be able to access your share in the winnings, that Mr Harold Diamond is gifting you. You would need to deposit an certain amount of money to cover transfer fees and taxes, once that has cleared into the "lawyers" account then they request more money, what is a little more money you if you have a million dollars coming your way? So you transfer more money and the scam pretty much goes on this way until you realise that you are being scammed and stop transferring your hard earned money over to the fake "lawyers". Unfortunately there is no recourse to get your funds back.

Sadly people are still being fooled by these types of scams and it doesn’t help that said scammers are becoming wiser with their tactics and actually using real and truthful facts about lottery winners and their winnings.

Keep your eyes open and trust your gut – a complete stranger sharing his wealth with you randomly and out of the blue seldom happens. Please do your research if you receive such emails.

For more information on known lottery scams visit our knowledge base by clicking here.
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