Thursday, January 21, 2016

5 lotto winners who (quickly) lost it all

After blowing all their winnings, these ‘winners’ ended up being even more poor than they were before hitting the jackpot.

Week after week people all over the world buy lottery tickets in the hope of winning millions.

Just think about all the things you could do with that money: quit your job; buy your dream house, go anywhere in the world…

But as it turns out, winning the lottery doesn’t always make your dreams come true - as these 5 poor souls discovered.

They won millions. They lived out their dreams. And then they lost it due to poor planning, jealousy and sometimes, downright stupidity.

Here are some of the biggest losers in the lottery’s history:

1. Callie Rogers
    Country: UK
    Won: £1.9 million (R33 million)
    Reason for losing it all: buying too much stuff

Callie Rogers is a prime example as to why the lottery has an age restriction. She won the United Kingdom lottery in 2003 when she was just 16-years-old. Rather than putting the money away for university, Callie decided to blow it all.

Gawker reported that she spent most of her money buying gifts for family and friends, partying up a storm and impressing her washout of a boyfriend.

She ended up in debt and said that winning the lottery ruined her life.

2. Denise Rossi
    Country: USA
    Won: $1.3 million (R15 million)
    Reason for losing it all: forced to give it to her husband

Karma bit Denise right in the butt after she tried to pull a fast one on her husband. According to Business Insider, after she won the lottery, she divorced her husband without a reason and without telling him about the money she won. Two years later her husband found out about her win and sued Denise for not disclosing it is the divorce. The judge made Denise give all her winnings to her ex.  Bummer.

3. Gerald Muswagon
   Country: Canada
   Won: $10 million (R119 million)
   Reason for losing it all: parties and drugs

Instead of investing some of his money, Gerald spent all his winnings on: buying a big house (where he threw lavish parties), buying vanity items and on a small business, which quickly failed. My first class life states that he eventually went back to work, after going broke and slapped with multiple charges of assault and drunk driving. Sadly he hung himself 17 years after he won.

4. Michael Carroll
    Country: UK
    Won: £9.7 million (R173 million)
    Reason for losing it all: too many hookers

Michael was forced to return to his job as a garbage collector, after he spent years living a rock star life of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. According to the Mail Online, he spent most of his money on parties and cocaine. After his wife left him, he turned to prostitutes, claiming to sleep with over  2000 prostitutes in a 8 year period, i.e. 4 each day.

5. Evelyn Adams
   Country: USA
   Won: $5.4 million (R645 million)
   Reason for losing it all: gambling

Many people are lucky to win the lotto once. Evelyn won it twice - once in 1985 and again in 1986 - winning a total of R645 million. Sadly she gambled it all away according to Askmen. Now she lives in a trailer. Shame didn’t anyone tell Evelyn that once you win the jackpot you don’t have to gamble anymore?

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