Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Desperation to win lottery cost him R10,000

We cannot blame him for doing it, anyone in his situation would likely have done the same...

Who has not dreamt of winning the lottery? Most of us "normal" people have. We imagine the sudden epiphany that we never have to work again. AND then the spending starts! We imagine what we would buy and in what order. A fast car, a boat, a mansion on the hill. But it does not stop there, we even imagine giving away some of our good fortune to charity or doing a good deed like building a school or fixing the church roof. While each of our dreams are different the basic premise of our dreams are the same.

Now one such unlucky man took trying to win the lottery to the extreme. Rather then relying on good old fashioned "good luck" he procured the help from a sangoma! And sadly this cost him R10,000 and his car... 

I am sure you have seen the adverts on the bus or tacked to the back of a stop sign! Call Doctor <enter name here> who will use his professional powers to: Win back your wife, cure your impotence, pay your bills, and in this case "Win the Lottery". Now who in their right mind would not seek some guidance in winning the lottery from a professional?

Clearly one did. He told the "Doctor" that he was desperate, he had lost his job, lost his house and was currently living in his car. 

His first two visits to the Doctor were to tell him what his problems were which cost him R350. That in itself is a substantial amount if you do not have two cents to rub together. He was then asked to choose his lucky lottery numbers (after some vigorous bone throwing) for the upcoming lottery and to no ones surprise (except the Doctors of course) he did not win it.

But the good old Doctor who had this scam worked out to a fine art, did not bat an eyelid after listening to the mans complaints. 

The sly Doctor simply change his strategy telling him that his ancestors had left him a fortune of R1.5million hidden away somewhere nearby. The only way he could access this fortune was by donating something to the Doctor.  Now any reasonable man would have donated something small, a few rand, maybe a watch but not our man, he decided to donate is last remaining possession, his car.

So now, after giving his car away, this man has no choice but to live on the street. And although it is too late, he has finally come to the conclusion that he was scammed.

I am not sure what makes people believe such nonsense. You would imagine reading the story above and putting it down as a fairy tale. But it is a true story, and each year there are thousands of people who are scammed in this and similar ways.

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