Thursday, January 21, 2016

Epic Riches to Rags Lottery Story - South Africa

DURBAN - Five years ago he was living the high life in his palatial home and driving a series of luxury vehicles. But now, a man who became a millionaire through the lottery, is broke and facing criminal charges.
Dayalin Maslamoney is accused of posing as a police officer in order to force his way into a private home - just to steal R250.
Dayalin Maslamoney is one of a lucky few. 
The 39-year-old quit his job at the SAPS after he won a whopping R10.5-half-million, and didn't waste any time spending his winnings.
But Maslamoney soon struggled to maintain his lavish lifestyle. 
“I'm being supported by my family as you can see. We're surviving. As long as I'm surviving, I'm happy with that there," said Maslamoney.
Now he's resorted to desperate measures, and is facing charges of theft and impersonating a police officer.
“It's made him depressed but we trying to get him, to work with him, to get him through this problem and hopefully with this criminal case behind him he can get his life back on track,” said his lawyer Siva Chetty. 
A question most people would ask is how anyone could go from riches to rags in just a few years.
“Some people don’t attach meaning to the amount of money they have because they haven't worked hard for it. So it's money that has come very easy to them, it's very easy to spend,” said clinical psychologist Prishika Pillay. 
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