Thursday, January 21, 2016


A 29 year old Western Cape man has come forward to claim his R69 Million Powerball jackpot prize. The father of one is still in a world of shock after becoming an instant millionaire with this massive win.

The weekly Powerball ticket buyer spent R21 on his ticket and says that he chose the numbers at random.

The day after the Tuesday night draw, the man went to his local retailer to check the winning numbers. After he took down the winning Powerball numbers, he quietly went back to his car so that he could go through the numbers and compare them with his ticket in private.

Once he realised he had won, he phoned his wife immediately, although, he still didn’t believe his luck; “I am overwhelmed by shock” he says.

The 29 year old has been welcomed in to the club of millionaires, tells National Lottery spokesperson Thembi Tulwana.

Tulwana goes on to say that it is not always easy for some people to come to terms with their instant wealth but is content in the knowledge that the man will be investing into a small business of his own to ensure the money is used wisely, despite the fact that he can afford just about anything he wants now!

The winner also has a passion for charity work and plans to donate a portion of his win to various charity organisations but he is still in discussions with his wife over this, “We are already involved in some charity work, so it is a matter on deciding how to go about it,” he said.

Since its launch in October in 2010, this is the second biggest jackpot win for South Africa’s Powerball. The biggest Powerball jackpot of R91M was won in February this year by a Western Cape mother of two.


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