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Americo Lopes
What happens when you win the lottery and decide you would rather attempt to hide your winnings?
There are many people that have won the lottery and spent their riches on a few ‘rash’ decisions.  Others have invested wisely and are still reaping the benefits of the winnings.

Americo Lopes, on the other hand was ordered by a jury to share his Mega-Millions jackpot win with five co-workers.

It’s not as ‘harsh’ as it seems.  For years, a small group of construction workers all pooled money together to buy lottery tickets and the five of them relied on one member of their group, Americo Lopes, to buy the tickets. In November 2009, he collected the money and ended up buying what would later be the winning lottery ticket.

Ready to begin his new venture, with his jackpot winnings of $38.5 million, Lopes told nobody about his win (except the lottery officials).  He cashed in the ticket and days later quit his job, saying that he needed foot surgery.

“We believed him”, said one of the others Candido Silva Jr.  -  until several months later, when Mr Lopes told another man in the group that he had won the lottery a week after he had stopped working.
Quickly by word of mouth his story of luck spread and it wasn’t until another member of the group checked a website and found Mr Lopes’s name listed and realised the date of the lottery he’d actually won.

Mr Lopes’s assets were frozen shortly after the men filed suit in 2010.

The 5 Co-Workers
The five former co-workers testified that they had in fact given Lopes money to purchase lottery tickets on the day that he purchased the winning ticket. A sixth construction worker, who was not in the lottery pool, also testified against Lopes.

In 2012, a jury ordered Mr lopes to share his winning with the five former co-workers.  The courts’ decision awarded the five co-workers $4 million each. "I have a lot to do," Carlos Fernandez, one of the five plaintiffs, told the Star-Ledger after the verdict was announced.

They had not planned for any life altering changes, perhaps just a two week holiday at most.

“If you have a clear conscience, you have nothing to worry about,” Mr Silva Jr said as he and his co- workers finished a celebratory meal in Elizabeth, N.J.

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