Thursday, March 10, 2016


How many times have you bought a lottery ticket and misplaced it? Although a misplaced ticket does not always mean that you would have been a jackpot winner.

This scenario is completely different: Jerry Ritieni, a 47-year-old auto shop owner from Massapequa, who ended up winning the New York Lottery jackpot in 2014.

His story is funny one that goes like this; while searching for a set of spare keys, he found a lotto ticket that he had not yet “cashed in” in the centre console of his truck. He had completely forgotten about the ticket that he had bought and the thought that it could be a winning ticket did not even cross his mind, let alone that this ticket would make him $2.9 million richer.

A week later, he checked the official lottery website and discovered his Quick Pick numbers matched the exact numbers of the draw and that he had won the New York Lottery Jackpot!
While circling the numbers and getting towards the third number, he was like, “No way!” Ritieni told ABC News. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Jerry, a single dad of two, first shared his news with his 17-year-old son and later with his 20-year-old daughter to tell them that they were now millionaires. Ritieni said “They didn’t believe me because I’m a joking dad.”

It was really hard for him to believe that he’d won. After playing quick pick tickets for the same lottery at the same gas station every week for nearly 10 years, what were the chances?

Jerry has no intention to change his career or his situation any way and a good chunk of the money will be put into a trust to secure his kids’ college education. As for the rest, he plans to invest it for his retirement.

Don’t think that it might not happen to you, because if you continue to play the lottery you might just be “that one” in a million!

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