Friday, April 08, 2016

It all comes out in the wash! Granny “lotto” winner up for fraud?

UK National Lottery

Susanne Hinte, who moved to the UK from her native Germany at the age of 19, now 48 years old and a grandmother may face fraud charges.

David and Carol Martin
The record breaking UK Lottery Jackpot of £66 Million was won by two lottery tickets bearing the lucky numbers: 26, 27, 46, 47, 52 and 58.

The first ticket holders David and Carol Martin came forward after 24 hours to claim their half of the winnings.

12 Days later local media were urging the public to check their lottery numbers so as to locate the second winning ticket.

Susanne along with a few hundred others had claimed to be the second winning lottery ticket holder after Camelot had announced that the winning ticket was purchased in the Worcester area.  

With the claimants’ all saying that their tickets were lost, stolen or damaged in some way or another, these claims had to be sent to Camelot for official verification, a process by which claimants must wait 180 days before the validity of their claim on the ticket is announced.

As a part of the procedure Susanne sent her ticket to Camelot, the problem with her ticket was that it had gone through the wash, in the pocket of her jeans, resulting in the remnants of this ticket showing the winning numbers but not the essential barcode and date of the draw.

Alleged winning ticket

Her “winning” lottery ticket was purchased at Ambleside News her local store in the city. Shopkeeper Hansa Patel, whose husband Natu initially believed he had sold the winning ticket to Susanne, and had offered to send the CCTV footage to Camelot for their publicity. However as they did not get back to him he realised that the ticket may not have been verified as the second winning ticket.

Hansa Patel - Ambleside News

Subsequently a verified winning lottery ticket has been brought to light, the winner(s) of which would like to remain anonymous.

Could this be Camelot claiming a winner in order to end the drama or is there actually a genuine winner?

Susanne Hinte - Alleged Fraudster or Unlucky Winner?
Susanne has not been seen out in public since the "real winner" has come forward and a neighbour was quoted as saying that Susanne would be “beyond gutted” to have missed out on the lottery winnings.

Could this be a simple mistake or is there more to it?

Susanne is currently awaiting trial on two charges of theft regarding and incident of a stolen handbag during a “distraction” crime in Birmingham some time back.

Lottery bosses warned that they would take action against people who try to claim jackpots fraudulently as fake claimants can be charged with the criminal offence of fraud by false representation, an offence with a maximum  ten-year jail sentence.

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