Friday, April 01, 2016

Watch what you say!! You could loose your lottery winnings!

The old saying “Watch what you say” is a lesson that should not be overlooked! Often what you say can get you into more trouble than you can possibly imagine, even if you say something in jest.

Such is the case for this Million Dollar lottery winner, Eva Reyes, a 53 year old lady from California.

The owner, Laxmi Bhardwaj, of the liquor store from where she purchased the California Lottery ticket claimed that Ms. Reyes had promised to share the winnings with him in an even split. 

Upon winning the Jackpot she agreed to pay over an amount of $50 000.00 as a show of good faith, however the store owner wanted the full $350 000.00 which would be exactly half the winnings after taxes; as he is said to have fronted the money for the winning lottery ticket in the first place.

The store owner sued Ms. Reyes for the outstanding $300 000.00 and the disputed amount has been frozen in a separate account until the lawsuit is settled. 

Ms. Reyes’ lawyer says that the split of the winnings that his client was to gift the store owner, was just that, a gift. And as a gift his client is entitled to change her mind as to the amount she wishes to gift.

Whichever way the verdict goes; with court fees, legal fees and taxation Ms. Reyes may not see much of her portion of the winnings after all. However I am sure that Ms. Eva Reyes has learned her lesson; unfortunately it was the hard way!

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