Thursday, June 30, 2016

New York’s biggest lottery winner wants to share his winnings with YOU!

So you have been following world lottery winners and dreaming of your soon to come BIG win. You know it can happen and you diligently buy your tickets each week in the hope that one day lady luck will be sitting by your side.

Then out of the blue, a lottery hero, the infamous New York lottery winner contacts you and tells you he will be sharing his winnings with you.

You! A complete stranger with no link to the family or the winner whatsoever! In fact you are not even in the same city or even the same country!

The first thing you do is your due diligence. Who better than to ask Google? So you look up the winner and discover that Mr Harold Diamond and his wife indeed won over $ 320 000 000.00. His email address checks out: and he has even left a telephone number (he is on holiday in Nigeria).

So you call him straight away to find out how much dosh he wants to share with you! When Harold answers you note that being super rich even allows you to trade in your old accent for a nice new Nigerian one.

Harold confirms that you have indeed won a portion of his winnings, a whopping $10 Million USD... You can not believe your luck and are already imagining how you are going to spend the muhlah! A nice new Porsche, some hair implants, a belly tuck, a face lift and perhaps a few extra inches to the old boy. While you are at it, you even consider trading in the wife for a mistress. You know the type, the ones you see in movies who like to collect $1 bills.

Now while the devil on the one shoulder is already spending your new found fortune and inevitable fame, the angel on the other shoulder is jumping up and down saying: "think about it for a second, do you see Tom Cruise in the mirror each morning?" You make a mental note of trading in the Angel for a more agreeable one... like movie stars and their agents and their leaches, sorry I mean friends.

Harold brings you back to reality, he needs you to do something for him since he is going to give you such a large wad of cash. Don't worry, its a small thing... As a show of good faith he needs you to pay for the attorney fees. Don't worry, it's only $1200 USD... which is nothing.

You agree, why would you not? How do you get your lovely mistress who likes $1 bills without an attorney? Maybe he can draw up your pre-nuptial agreement as well... and get a discount at the same time? You know, two birds with one stone?


A week later Harold calls you and thanks you for the payment. It sounds like there is a party going in the background, rich people really do have fun!

Harold tells you that all is going according to plan and you will soon be getting your $10 Million. He needs one more small thing from you. But don't worry, its a small payment of $850 for the delivery of the check.


Now when the check does not arrive, you call up Harold, he is still at the same party and its two weeks later.

He notes that you have not drawn the money from his account yet and asks what the problem is. You tell him the check has not arrived.

He tells you he will look into it.

A week later he calls and tells you there has been a mix up. You forgot to pay the stamp duty. But don't worry, its only $350.

You pay.

A week later, you call.

Harold says he will look into it.

He does.

The payment has gone missing and we need to hire an investigator to find out what is going on. But don't worry, his friend will do the work for you. $4500 and it will be sorted out.

You pay...

And so it goes on... until you are broke or start to listen to the angel on your shoulder.

The moral of the story is this:
If you happen to be a movie star, you need to get rid of your sucky agents, fair weather friends and surround yourself with people who actually give a shit about you.

If your ego is so sensitive that you cast out those that tell you things you do not want to hear, then you deserve to get screwed over by the devil on your shoulder.

But this article is not about movie stars, its about you playing the role of regular Joe, with likely a regular job and salt of the earth friends with regular if not down right boring jobs too who no matter what will be there for you. In my opinion you are living a role that movie starts only have the privilege to briefly act.

So enjoy your life for what it is and listen to that Angle (your gut feeling) when something too good to be true comes about.

Below is an example of a real email proclaiming that New York's biggest Lottery winner, Mr Harold Diamond who with his wife won over $ 320 000 000.00 and that you may receive a portion of it please know that this is unfortunately a scam.

Not Mr. Diamond or his winnings, as that is all true, but the giving away of a million dollars to 5 complete strangers over the internet is.

Our suggestion to you. Go to the shop, buy your wife a bunch of flowers, rent out a cheap movie and and know that while she may not be a pole dancer under 80's retro lights from a distant Quentin Tarantino movie, she sure is a lot less hassle than being conned by some 18 year old from Lagos or down town Brooklyn

"From Harold Diamond.

This is a personal email directed to you, I am Harold Diamond, I won $326 million Mega Millions jackpot, the largest in New York Lottery history,and have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of one million United State dollars ($1,000,000.00USD) to you as part of our own charity project to improve the lot of 5 unknown lucky individuals all over the world plus family and give back to the local communities.

If you have received this email then you are one of the lucky recipients and all you have to do is to contact Barrister Davido Lucas (Zenit Chambers) with Code: NYMJ6814 via email so that he can send your details to the payout bank for fund disbursement.

You can verify this by visiting the web pages below.

Good luck,
Harold Diamond."

If you Google the "barrister’s" name and details you come across more of the similar scams. 

The whole goal of this scam is, is for you to contact the "lawyers" and then to be able to access your share in the winnings, that Mr Harold Diamond is gifting you. You would need to deposit an certain amount of money to cover transfer fees and taxes, once that has cleared into the "lawyers" account then they request more money, what is a little more money you if you have a million dollars coming your way? So you transfer more money and the scam pretty much goes on this way until you realise that you are being scammed and stop transferring your hard earned money over to the fake "lawyers". Unfortunately there is no recourse to get your funds back.

Sadly people are still being fooled by these types of scams and it doesn’t help that said scammers are becoming wiser with their tactics and actually using real and truthful facts about lottery winners and their winnings.

Keep your eyes open and trust your gut – a complete stranger sharing his wealth with you randomly and out of the blue seldom happens. Please do your research if you receive such emails.

For more information on known lottery scams visit our knowledge base by clicking here.
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

A deeper look at the Australian Lottery

Australia boasts various lottery games with draws taking place everyday. A brief history of how the Lottery games started and how they are played can be found below.

The "Tattersalls" or "Tatts Group" as they are known as is responsible for most of the lotteries in Australia. It is active in the wagering, lotteries and gaming industries with an operational footprint extending across every State and Territory of Australia; except Western Australia, throughout New Zealand and into the United Kingdom.

Saturday Lotto – the very first draw took place on the 24th of June 1972 and it was started by and is still run by Tattersalls. While the Saturday Lotto enjoys widespread recognition in New South Wales and Western Australia, the game is actually marketed under alternate names in different regions of Australia.

How to play the Saturday Lotto: Players must choose six numbers from between 1 and 45. In the draws, six main numbers are drawn first followed by two supplementary numbers.
To win the jackpot, a player must match all six main numbers.

Monday Lotto – launched in November 1979 and was originally designed to generate income for community programs. 

How to play the Monday Lotto: Players must select six numbers from 1 to 45. They must match all six main numbers drawn in order to win the Division 1 prize. 
Another two supplementary numbers are then drawn from the same pot in order to provide additional chances for players to win prizes.

Wednesday Lotto – launched in November 1984 to supplement the Monday Lotto and as such has the same rules and game guidelines.
Oz Lotto – established in 1994 as the first national lottery, it also holds the record for the largest ever Australian lottery jackpot, with four winners each taking a share of AU$111,972,151 in November 2012. 

How to play the Oz Lotto: Players choose seven numbers from 1 to 45 and must match all seven numbers drawn on the night in order to win the Division 1 prize. 
Two more balls, referred to as Supplementary Numbers, are then chosen from the same pool and can boost a player's winnings in certain prize tiers.

Powerball - The Australia Powerball was launched by Tattersall's in May 1996 with the aim of giving Australian lottery players a chance to win bigger jackpots than those available in other games played across the country. 
The largest Powerball jackpot to date was worth AU$80 million and was split between two ticket holders. 

How to play Powerball: Players need to select six numbers from 1 to 40 as well an additional number, known as the Powerball, from 1 to 20. 
To win the Main Jackpot, players must match all of the main numbers and the Powerball.

Set for Life – is Australia’s newest lottery additional, it was added in August 2015. It is played every day of the year and features a Division 1 prize that grants up to four winners in each draw $20,000 a month for 20 years, hence the name Set for Life! 

How to play Set for Life: Players must match eight main balls from a selection of 37 to win the top prize, with another seven divisions offering cash amounts for matching a combination of main numbers and two Bonus Numbers. 
A full line of ten numbers is selected in each draw. 
Ticket holders can select their own numbers or have them automatically generated through the QuickSET system

Play online lotteries from all over the world here: 

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lottery Near Misses

Remember that feeling of euphoria when your numbers come up? Have you ever had that chased by that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you can't find your lottery ticket?

This week we share some stories of those lost tickets:

Richard and Dione Buss from Bristol, England had a very near miss when Richard threw away the ticket after the lottery draw on a Wednesday night. 
His wife, Dione remembered a few days later that the ticket bought was actually for a weekly draw and was still valid for that Saturday’s draw and fortunately was able to retrieved the ticket from the bin.

They discovered their lucky win on the Sunday evening and had to wait till the Monday morning to claim their prize, of £ 1,900 000.00.  From their winnings they planned to travel, treat their family and friends and donate to the hospital where Mrs. Buss was receiving treatment for her MS condition.

Another near miss was of Mr. Pete Kemp, of Des Moines in Iowa, who went to a gas station to have his ticket checked for any winnings.  The clerk accidentally tore the ticket up while throwing away some paperwork.  

Mr. Kemp only realised that he didn’t have his ticket when he was on his way back to the car and went back into the store.  Luckily the clerk was able to retrieve both parts of the ticket at tape it together as Pete Kemp was the lucky winner of $1 000 000.00.

James Wilson of Gloucestershire England had his own very near miss.  Mr. Wilson was busy cleaning out his wallet when he came across an old ticket. Out of curiosity he checked his numbers online and noticed that he had the winning numbers, with just one day to spare James was able to claim his prize of £51,232.90. 

The Lottery had been advertising for 6 months trying to find the winning lottery ticket and the whole time it was stuffed at the back of his wallet! Luckily Mr. Wilson was still able to claim his prize otherwise I suspect that might have been a story he would of carried to his grave.

Few came as close as a couple in Seattle who bought a lottery ticket for the $350 000 000.00 draw, and upon discovery that they didn’t win the big prize they discarded the ticket in their car.  

Approximately three months later their car got burgled of a pair of sunglasses that was ironically lying on top of the ticket.  After that they decided to check their ticket again and discovered that they actually won on the second chance draw a sizeable $ 1 000 000.00

What a great consolation prize for the pair of stolen sun glasses.

The moral of these stories are, keep your tickets safe, check your tickets regularly and it’s safer to play online!!

Play online here: 

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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

From Humble Beginings to massive education funding

The New York Lottery officially began in 1967 after a vote, by New Yorkers on November 8th 1966, for a government-run lottery with the proceeds being applied exclusively to, or in aid or support of, education. Prior to this, informal New York lotteries were used for non-educational needs. 

Its first slogan was "Your Chance of a Lifetime to Help Education" and to date the lottery has generated over $34 billion to aid education revenue. Today it is a part of the New York State Gaming Commission, and still provides much needed revenue for public education. 

The first big winner of the New York Lottery was Lou Eisenberg, who won $5,000,000 in 1981. Back then, winners could not choose cash in lieu of annuity payments, so Lou was paid out in installments.

Despite being the U.S. lottery with the highest number of sales, the New York lottery has been criticised for offering the lowest pay outs, at no more than 40 cents per dollar earned. In the 2011-2012 period sales were down nearly 15% from the previous year.  

Some of the Laws Governing the New York Lottery include the fact that lottery winners are subject to Federal Income Tax, as well as Local Income Tax if they are New York residents. Players must be at least 18 years old even if playing the video lottery; however, if a Quick Draw ticket is issued at a place where alcohol is served the minimum age is 21.

To date the biggest winner of the New York Lottery is Mr. Harold Diamond, who purchased a Mega Millions Lotto Ticket, from a gas station.  He was the sole winner of $326 million dollars. Mr. Diamond thanks his wife for the win as they were on their way out for supper, when bad weather made them re-think their trip and his wife insisted they stop for supper at the station.
The retired educator, who was 80 years old when he won the lottery, opted for the lump sum instead of 30 annual payments. The former educator received $197.45 million, the rest of which accounts for state and federal taxes.

If you choose the lump sum rather than the extended payout, you will receive much less money than the advertised jackpot value, generally slightly more than half. However if you choose the extended payout option, the state takes the present cash value of the jackpot and buys an annuity or bonds that will generate interest to fund the future payments and you receive the Jackpot amount less the various taxes.

For your chance to play the New York Lottery click here: 

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