Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Money Used Wisely

Money Used Wisely

We have all pictured it…Summer holidays, new houses, fancy cars… the stuff dreams are made of! We play the lottery weekly with the belief that one day, those distant dreams will become our reality. Winning the lottery undoubtedly enriches lives, but just what kind of influence does it have on the decisions people make?

United Kingdom’s Thea Bristow was the winner of an incredible £15 million pounds. Being the sole breadwinner in her family due to her husband’s back injury, Thea never imagined that she would ever be able to rest a day in her life again. Thea played the lottery on a regular basis and had won a few pounds back here and there, but it took Thea some time to grasp the reality of how her life would change when she discovered that she had all 6 numbers correct. After discovering that she had in fact won, Thea had to work hard to convince her husband, Paul, that they had not won thousands but millions! His disbelief also soon turned to sheer joy. 

Thea and Paul discussed the possibilities that their big win opened up, and decided that following the humble route was best. The following day, Thea returned to work as usual at a small factory that made souvenirs and the couple then made their first purchase - a Kenwood Chef, which Paul felt would enhance their lives as it would make it easier for them to make pastry. The couple invested in a new computer which would help them with their involvement in the Torquay Football Club and other outreach endeavours.

The football club had been going bankrupt, but the result of Paul and Thea’s financial investment enabled the club to continue operating. Thea also took driving lessons and bought herself a Ford Kia convertible. Thea and Paul were part of the Scouts and, in an effort to give back, they planned a trip to Canada with 56 scouts, 30 parents and helpers and generously footed the bill of £500 000 for the trip. Tragically, Paul passes away from Diabetes just 6 years after the big win, and Thea and her son therefore took over directorship of the Torquay Football Club in order to ensure its continued success.

Across the world in Getra, Nabraska, David and Erica Harrig’s lives changed when they won $61.45 million in December 2013. David chose his 5 numbers based on his birthday – a fun combination that forever changed his life. It took David and Erica a few days to come to terms with the fact that they had won, and enlisted Erica’s colleague to check the Powerball results to confirm that it was true. David and Erica instantly went from spending their days worrying about how to put food on the table to being concerned about how to spend their winnings in such a way that they would leave a legacy for their children. 

The couple sought the council of several lawyers and financial advisors to ensure that they did not misuse their winnings.  After working for 16 years at their respective companies, David and Erica made the decision to retire and invest their time giving back to the community. In addition, David bought himself a red Corvette and Erica renovated their home to include a front porch and a swimming pool. When David’s mom heard about the lottery win, she asked for a record player. David and Erica worked hard to ensure that their family’s basic needs were met and that their lives were more comfortable, but investments and wisdom have ensured that the couple do not need to work another day in their lives.

Money is a powerful tool in the right hands, and invested, saved or even spent in the right way can lead to immense wealth. Playing the lottery and winning is one thing, but using those winnings to enhance your life and the life of others is generously another. Which will you choose when your big day arrives?

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Black Friday – the good, the bad and the ugly

Today “Black Friday” is a commercial shopping holiday in which consumers main purpose is to snap-up the best deals for their festive season shopping. Originating in the USA, and spreading to Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the rest of Europe and more recently the Southern Hemisphere countries of Australia and South Africa, there are some good, bad and just plain ugly stories about the history of this notorious day.

In 1941 the United States Congress stipulated that Thanksgiving will officially fall on the 4th Thursday in November. In later years, and as far back as 1952, many non-retail companies and schools were seen to take the following Friday off, creating a long weekend signaling the start of the festive season.

In Philadelphia, in the 1950’s a yearly Army vs Navy football game held every Saturday after Thanksgiving saw floods of tourists and shoppers descend on the city on the Friday in preparation for the game the following day. This soon became a nightmare for retailers as shoplifters often took advantage of the chaos while police and law enforcement worked extra-long shifts dealing with raucous crowds and traffic congestion, thus dubbing the day ‘Black Friday”.

Years later, as the phrase became wider spread, it was said that “Black Friday” was the day in which retailers would see the red, negative cash-flow, change to black, positive cash-flow. As late as the 1980’s with this, more positive spin on “Black Friday”, retailers began offering impressive sales to attract more consumers on this particular day.

As it grew in popularity “Black Friday” became the “not-to-be-missed” sale of the year, often with horror stories of people being trampled (to death) in stores and fighting over merchandise. To curb this, retailers extended their trading hours but unfortunately this just lead to consumers lining up, some even before their Thanksgiving meals had digested, to ensure that they were first in line for the store opening, in order to secure the much-desired merchandise.

Most recently, retailers aiming to reduce the sales madness or at least curb the hysteria, have opted for extended sales days often including the week before or the entire month of November. Many also offering consumers online or application based shopping solutions.

Other than the retail phenomena that has become “Black Friday” as we know it, there are some other slightly darker histories behind the term “Black Friday”.

The first recorded use of the term “Black Friday” was applied to a financial crisis when on September 24th, 1869 saw the crash of the U.S. gold market and the conspiracy involving ruthless Wall Street financiers was unravelled, plummeting the stock market and bankrupting many wealthy tycoons, farmers and retirees.

In recent years a myth has cropped up, which most likely stems from an anti-consumerism movement, claiming that in the 1800s on the Southern US plantations, owners could purchase slaves at a discount on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Little Known Lottery Facts

The lottery has existed for hundreds of years and fascinated players around the world. The lure of winning the jackpot is almost impossible to resist, resulting in millions of players worldwide buying tickets in the hope that their dreams will come true. Hundreds of lottery options being played by a vast number of hopefuls around the globe has resulted in some fascinating lottery facts…

In the United Kingdom, the National Lottery has been played for over 20 years.

In that time, it has paid out a phenomenal £53 Billion in winnings, making just over 3,600 millionaires.

The most unusual things winners have bought with their winnings?
A fireworks company, a narrowboat, and tarantulas.

A growing trend in lottery winners is the purchasing of new cars, with the average lottery winner buying 4.5 new cars for their family and friends.

One family from Tipton did not need to buy cars for each other – they merely needed to divide up their winnings of £3.25 million after beating the unthinkable odds of 350 billion to one by winning three separate jackpots. The family from Tipton wisely claimed their prize, whereas one unlucky player missed out on a jackpot of £63,837,543.60 – the largest unclaimed prize from the EuroMillions.

The National Lottery has been aired every week, with the exception of three occasions which called for utmost respect, namely the passing of Princess Diana of Wales, the passing of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, as well as the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Finally, the most drawn Lotto ball is 38, having appeared 314 times since the beginning of the National Lottery, with Lotto ball 13 being the least drawn since 1994.

The United States of America boasts similar lottery facts, with the biggest unclaimed prize being $63 million in 2016 - the forfeited prize was donated to a number of schools in California instead.

The largest jackpot win was $1.5 billion split between three players in 2012, resulting in them each walking away with $590.5 million.

In 2014, a record $70 billion was spent on lottery tickets by players around the country, with only 44 states taking part in the lottery.

Players have the option of purchasing their tickets from over 240 000 different locations around the country – the largest number worldwide.

The odds of winning the lottery increased substantially in 2016 where only one in 292 million players stand the chance of hitting it big.

In spite of those odds, the National Lottery has produced over 3000 millionaires, most of whom have spent their winnings on purchasing new homes or renovating their current homes.

The second biggest way in which winners spend their winnings? Investments for the future – a truly wise way to provide security for family and friends in the long run.

While the odds may seem impossible, the numbers speak for themselves – winning the lottery is not a distant dream. In fact, the chances of the jackpot values increasing and winners experiencing a new reality is only a lottery ticket away.

Lottery facts may come and go, but one thing remains – winners are a reality, and you may just be next.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Grand Winnings for Humble Winners

Winning the lottery is a life changing event, and even the humblest of people cannot escape the rush of a grand prize! Many set their sights on buying a new house while others dream about never working another day in their lives. Does winning the lottery truly change a lifestyle and who a person is?

Eliseo Guitierrez – a 58 year old man from Sacramento – had his world completely changed after purchasing a lottery ticket at a Chevron service station. Gutierrez selected 6 numbers, 5 of which matched the draw numbers resulting in a phenomenal win of more than $900 000. While draw took place on 16 June 2017, unsuspecting Gutierrez walked around with his winning ticket for 79 days before realising he had won anything. He claimed his prize in September 2017, and his life has never been the same since. So just what did Eliseo Guitierrez and his wife decide to do with their grand prize? “We’re planning to get our own place!” He will continue to work in manufacturing, and enjoy living a slightly more comfortable life thanks to his life-changing win.

In 2008, Eric and Sue Tarry won £7.6million in a Lotto draw. The couple were based in Fakenham, Norfolk, and had been running a car repairs garage and working from home for as long as they could remember. They had faithfully been playing the lotto for over 14 years when their luck changed one fateful Saturday night. The couple reported that it took them a long time to come to terms with not only having won the lottery, but also how much they had won. Their first priority after winning? To take care of their family, which included five children, nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild. In addition, they planned on completing renovations to their home, as well as taking their very first holiday in over 24 years. While the Tarry’s could well have retired comfortably, they chose to continue running their business, believing that it was their life’s work and was an integral part of who they were.

A similar response came from 68 year old Joe Mendoza, who won $500 000 after playing in the Michigan lottery. Mendoza lived in Sanilac County, and playing the lottery was merely a way of life. After scratching his Lucky 7’s Tripler ticket, he checked his ticket three times before running over to his wife in absolute disbelief. When she didn’t believe it either, they called their daughter-in-law and asked her to verify the win with the lottery as they were so nervous. Joe Mendoza reported that he wasn’t sure how he would spend his winnings – although a bigger TV and saving a lump sum for future investments were definitely on the cards!

While there is no right or wrong when it comes to spending lottery winnings, a little spoiling combined with a little investing seems to be a winning combination. As for the change of heart, that depends on the winner. Money may change a person, but in these inspiring stories, it was definitely a change for the better!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Teen Wins Twice in One Week

I seem to be stumbling across a fair amount of stories about people who have won the lotto twice or, like a man in Detroit, even three times. I almost feel I should call them to see what they are doing that we are not. Maybe buying a ticket or scratch card would be a good start?

This lucky winner was just 19 when she won the lotto twice in a mere week! If you are suddenly reliving fantasies of your 19 year old self in her shoes, I don’t blame you. Rosa Dominguez was driving home from Arizona when she decided to buy a few scratch cards from a gas station in Paso Robles. One of these, a $5 Power 5’s, was her ticket to the life changing sum of $555 555. “I was so nervous I just wanted to cry,” she said. And who could blame her, I’d cry. I’d probably sit on the floor and sob my heart out.

As if that wasn’t enough, a few days later whilst stopped at a gas station in Monterey County, she tossed caution to the wind and decided to try her luck with a $5 Lucky Fortune Scratcher. Lo and behold, the ticket turned out to be worth the top prize of $100 000 and topped up Dominguez total winnings to a whopping $655 555. A fair sum for someone of her age to be handling, she collected her winnings from the California Lottery East Bay District Office in Hayward, near San Francisco. And what will this newly wealthy teen be doing with her winnings? Apparently go shopping and buy herself a new car.
Let’s hope she had the sense to invest the rest and secure a good nest egg for her future.

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