Friday, April 06, 2018

Triumph After Tragedy

The internet is full of stories about people that have won the lottery. Some stories are full of luck or mystery and some of bizarre circumstances. The tale of Mary Wollens story would definitely be classified as the latter, and is a tale that needs to be told right from the beginning…

Mary Wollens was the daughter of poor Ukrainian immigrants. After leaving a life of hardship behind in rural Alberta, she moved to Saskatchewan with her parents to live on a farm. Mary began to work as a house cleaner at the tender age of 14. Once married, life didn’t get any easier for Mary. At the end of World War II, Mary and her husband moved to Toronto where he found work building the subway and repairing machines. When Mary turned 61, her daughter was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – an event that shook her world. Mary was left caring for both her daughter and husband, who was, by now, also ill and bedridden. Tragically, Mary lost both her loved ones within 7 months of each other. Mary expresses it as being one of the toughest times in her life, having done nothing but cry after her daughter’s passing. Read more here.

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